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Soda linked to Shorter Telomeres

Love it!There are a number of studies that have linked chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease to shorter telomeres. So it was no surprise when researchers determined that type-2 diabetes was also linked to shorter telomeres. However, the story of diabetes is not entirely clear given that there are not enough studies at the moment […]

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Women live longer than men because of telomeres?

Telomere Length may explain why Women live longer than Men

Love it!  Women live longer than men, why? This is a well-known fact that holds true for women and men around the world. Why do women live longer than men? This also implies that the environment, lifestyles and other factors that may play a role in a person’s longevity may be trumped by biology. The […]

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Resveratrol Stops Acne

Love it!In 1997 researchers made the astonishing discovery that resveratrol when applied to the skin of mice reduced the incidence of skin tumors by 98%. This discovery initiated a word-wide research on this compound, which continues to amaze. A few weeks ago, a group from UCLA added another beneficial function that resveratrol has on the […]

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Anthony Loera RevGenetics

The RevGenetics Story

Love it!A Letter From Anthony Loera, President of RevGenetics. This letter was originally sent out on October 9th, 2014 to our RevGenetics Friends. It has been republished here to provide a little insight on RevGenetics. Hi, I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that we appreciate how many people […]

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Resveratrol reduces the harmful side effects of Cancer treatment

Love it!There are many antineoplastic agents that are currently used as treatment against cancer. Unfortunately, many of these agents also have negative secondary side effects on the patients undergoing cancer treatments. For example, arsenic trioxide is used as a first line of defense against acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) relapsing cancer. Although arsenic trioxide is very […]

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Young Blood can Rejuvenate the Old

Factors in Young Blood can Rejuvenate the Old

Love it!  Click here to receive our newsletter on science and longevity. Young Blood can Rejuvenate the Old By Hector Valenzuela, Ph.D. The immune system has frequently been used as a model system for aging and rejuvenation studies. The uniqueness of this organ system is that immune cells can easily be removed from the body via a […]

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Resveratrol improves health

Resveratrol Improves Health

Love it!Resveratrol Improves Health The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Therefore there are many things that we need to be doing to truly be healthy and therein lays the difficulties of staying healthy. So […]

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Resveratrol And Aspirin

Resveratrol and Aspirin can Lower Cancer Incidence.

Love it!Resveratrol and Aspirin Helps With Cancer? By Hector Valenzuela PhD. Cellular replication is truly a complex business. Many things can go wrong, but mistakes affecting DNA replication are by far the most costly. Such errors in DNA replication can lead to various cellular outcomes including accelerated aging diseases (Progeria) or cancer. One well-studied type […]

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NAD, Resveratrol, Sirtuins

NAD, Resveratrol, Sirtuins and evidence of Rejuvenation

Love it!NAD, Resveratrol, Sirtuins and evidence of Rejuvenation It is hard to imagine that back in 1997, when it was first discovered that resveratrol reduced the initiation and progression of cancer in rodents, this natural compound would have such profound influence in the field of aging as well (Science, 1997, v.275 p.218). Initially different groups […]

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Coffee Shrinks Telomeres

Alcohol Lengthens Telomeres While Caffeine Shortens Them In Yeast

Love it!It has been well documented that psychological stress can cause human telomeres to shorten (Nature, 2012, vol 490, page 169). In addition to psychological stress, disease can be classified as a type of stress that also leads to telomere shortening. Which brings in the question, can other common environmental factors also cause stress to […]

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