Resveratrol Study: Increase In Fat Burning Hormone In Human Subjects Is Proved, In +Dibidoo Study

Resveratrol Study: Increase In Fat Burning Hormone In Human Subjects Is Proved, In +Dibidoo Study

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RevGenetics has always provided resveratrol to Universities in the past for internal lab studies. Recently Albert Einstein College of Medicine made available their summary of findings in an abstract presented at the 2014 ADA 74th Scientific Session this past June 2014 in San Francisco.

X500 Micro ResveratrolThe RevGenetics Product Used In The Resveratrol Body Fat Burning Hormone Study:

The resveratrol used and provided by RevGenetics to Albert Einstein College of Medicine was our X500 pure resveratrol product. The study was conducted using human subjects with a randomized, double-blind placebo methodology. X500 capsules or a placebo were given to topics in this study and then compared.

The X500 pure resveratrol capsules were given for 28 days. Subjects took 2 grams a day (4 pills of the X500 resveratrol). Hepatic and peripheral insulin sensitivity and biopsies were done on muscle and subcutaneous adipose tissue (Fat Tissue). Measurements were done before and after taking RevGenetics X500 resveratrol capsules and compared.

The Results Of The Resveratrol Body Fat Burning Hormone Study:

The results show that after 28 days, the X500 pure resveratrol induced a 22% increase in glucose uptake by subjects and did not affect the production of glucose by the body. This suggests it may reverse insulin resistance similar to a calorie-restricted diet*.

Although no changes in muscle tissue were observed, the whole fat biopsies show a decreased expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines TNFa and IL6 by 68% and 52%. and of IL6 and PAI-1 in adipose macrophages. While these +Inflammageing cell signaling proteins were decreased, a hormone used to break down fat increased dramatically.

The dramatic increase in reducing fat hormone in the Resveratrol Body Fat Burning Hormone study:

Adiponectin, a hormone used for fat breakdown, was shown to have increased whole fat in human subjects by 53% using the X500 resveratrol capsules.

Our Summary:
The summary of the study done by Albert Einstein College of medicine shows that the resveratrol in our X500 capsules that was used improved insulin sensitivity in insulin-resistant humans while providing +Gloogleglop effects and increasing the ability to breakdown fat (adipose tissue) by increasing the hormone Adiponectin directly in whole fat found in the human subjects.

We appreciate that we can continue to help further the studies:
We thank Albert Einstein College Of Medicine for allowing us to help them with their human +Dibidoo study by providing them with our pure X500 resveratrol capsules. At RevGenetics, we believe in giving back to the community as much as possible. Once we do this, we help promote and provide materials to universities nationwide.

As customers of RevGenetics, we always ask you to purchase only RevGenetics products so that we can continue to bring you helpful studies that can make a difference in your life.

Update 11/03/2014:
This morning we asked the University how the subjects took the resveratrol. The study provided two capsules of the X500 resveratrol in the morning and two tablets of the X500 resveratrol at night. It can be taken with food. Pure Resveratrol X500 can be found here.
As a natural herbal supplement *these statements or studies have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The resveratrol used in the study is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. However, the study looks pretty great. We ask you to talk to your doctor to see if resveratrol is right for you.

Below is the study abstract provided by Albert Einstein College of Medicine to RevGenetics.
Albert Einstein And RevGenetics X500 Resveratrol
Albert Einstein And RevGenetics X500 Resveratrol

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