The Right TA-65 Dose For You

The Right TA-65 Dose For You

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TA-65 Dose (Proper Dosage):

UPDATE 01/07/2014: 
RevGenetics have tested this product on cells. However, we only sell it for its full Astragalus benefits.

RevGenetics minimum TA-65 dose recommended:

TA-65 Dose: After our initial investigation, we believe that telomerase benefits can be had by taking one capsule a day for a more extended period (12 to 24 weeks) than that of the study; however, for folks that want to consider taking a similar regimen that produced results in as little as six weeks according to the survey, we advise a minimum of  2-4 capsules of TA-65 a day. The guidelines by the TA-65 Manufacturer are slightly different and are presented below:

The makers of TA-65 have the following TA-65 dose guidelines:

A)  TA-65 dose – One Capsule Daily (250 Units): 1 capsule of TA-65 is effective in healthy adults in their 40's or 50's. Also, 250 units can act as an upkeep dose for elderly folks who have used elevated amounts of TA-65 for many years and want to go on at a condensed value program. Clients who had taken this dosage were revealed to have improved short telomere length and significantly increased immune function. There are also varying reports of improved endurance and additional benefits.

B) TA-65 dose – Two Capsules Daily (500 Units): 2 Capsules of TA-65 has been seen to lengthen short telomeres and make them longer. This median dosage is suggested for individuals who are commonly well and won't choose to be proactive in healthy aging and longevity. Multiple folks in their 50's or 60's all fall into this categorization.

C: TA-65 does – Four Capsules Daily (1000 Units): 4 Capsules of TA-65 is considered a high dose by the TA-65 manufacturers. It is a recommendation for customers that have any of the following:

1- Customers who are over 70 years of age.

2- Customers who find out their telomeres are short through a lab test.

3- Customers who believe they may benefit from fully supporting their immune system.

It is anticipated that the dosage will provide an increased benefit over the lower doses (though not necessarily to a proportional degree). The 2016 Research subjects extended telomeres, which was great news as it proved TA-65 worked.

We believe that whatever TA-65 dose guidelines you choose when taking TA-65, you will benefit and may be supporting an increased chance at a longer and healthier life if telomeres are one of the essential aspects of a healthy organism.

We recommend including Magnesium and micronized resveratrol (like the Nitro250) when taking TA-65 to support your body's natural way to increase its effectiveness.


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