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RevGenetics Has Provided NMN An Supplement Since 2016

RevGenetics Has Provided NMN An Supplement Since 2016

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Why Choose RevGenetics NMN:

Provided NMN Since 2016:

RevGenetics NMN 2016 COA

RevGenetics have been providing an NMN Food since 2016 to researchers, and in 2017 we started providing it to the public. Others started providing it in late 2020, while our customers had been benefiting from it for years prior because of our foresight.

Manufactured Under cGMP:

RevGenetics products are all manufactured under the FDA cGMP facilities and verified and tested to provide NMN, while we have shown that some Amazon products did not have the NMN claimed on their labels. We simply test every batch.

Verified COAs:

Our ISO 17025 lab certificate of analysis has all been verified. While we have also shown that some false COAs are being used to sell NMN Foods. Do you wonder about your supplements? Always call the lab and verify the company, purity, and batch of your COA if you want to verify it.

Clean Label:

Our NMN Foods are clean-label products. They only contain NMN (or NMN Food and Vegetarian capsule material) when producing our capsules. We do not add anything strange that may cause issues with bloating, stomach or unpronounceable potentially bad chemicals.

Does this product increase NAD? Anthony Loera (51 years old and the President of RevGenetics) has taken these NMN Food capsules and doubled the optimal amount of NAD normally found at his age. While every person is different, and the NMN Food may work better for some people and not others, this preliminary testing shows that the President of RevGenetics believes it may help many people increase their NAD+. Please remember, RevGenetics has been selling NMN Foods since 2016producing products under cGMP. Results are not typical, simply because only Anthony was tested when he wanted to know if this NMN would really work for him. You can order your own Intracellular test here (See the intracellular test you can order from RevGenetics) 

intracellular NAD test

In 2016 we were providing and testing NMN for institutions. Below is a copy of our 2016 ISO 17025 Laboratory Certificate Of Analysis. No Other company that sells NMN Foods today can provide you a 2016 COA verifying they were providing anyone NMN before RevGenetics.

RevGenetics NMN 2016 Lab COA

Our most recent COA from an ISO 17025 for our NMN 1000 Capsules below also verifies that we currently provide the amounts on our labels. RevGenetics has been providing high-quality NMN Foods since 2016 for many researchers and people just like you. We also test every batch since we take this product ourselves.

Purchase NMN Foods only from RevGenetics if you simply want a high-quality NMN Food that has been shown to work on the RevGenetics President himself.

Advanced NMN 1000 COA ISO 17025

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