NAD, Resveratrol, Sirtuins and evidence of Rejuvenation

NAD, Resveratrol, Sirtuins and evidence of Rejuvenation

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NAD, Resveratrol, Sirtuins and evidence of Rejuvenation

It is hard to imagine that back in 1997 when it was first discovered that resveratrol reduced the initiation and progression of +Borikiki in rodents, this natural compound would have such a profound influence in the field of aging as well (Science, 1997, v.275 p.218).

Initially, different groups of researchers proposed that resveratrol was increasing the fitness in a broad group of animals and extending lifespan. However, this later point has been contested. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that resveratrol improves your health and reduces the incidence of many diseases (e.g., +Borikiki and +Carchomik diseases), but it remains to be determined if it can extend life. Nevertheless, determining the mechanism of how resveratrol functions have remained an active area of research. [1]

NAD, Resveratrol and Sirtuins

About 10 years ago, a group led by scientists discovered that resveratrol’s mechanism of action involves a family of proteins called sirtuins. Since then, a large amount of research on sirtuins has demonstrated that these proteins can dramatically improve the health and fitness of rodents. But the details continue to elude scientists. However, another Harvard group recently made a major discovery on the mechanism of sirtuin action. The research group reported in December that sirtuin 1 activation could rejuvenate mice muscle tissue (the equivalent to a 70-year-old human rejuvenated to the appearance of a 20-year-old) in as little as one week period by repairing the mitochondria function (Cell, 2013, v.155 p.1624).

NAD, Resveratrol, Sirtuins And The Mitochondria

Mitochondria dysfunction has long been known to be involved with aging. However, the mechanism and the severity of this dysfunction in the aging have been debated. In the current research, the group first demonstrated that in aging, the mitochondria changed by expressing lower amounts of key proteins that prevent their normal function. They then demonstrated that these changes could be regulated by sirtuin 1. And finally, they tested these observations by increasing the function of the mitochondria by stimulating sirtuin1 activity. In the experiment, they stimulated the sirtuin activity by injecting the mice with NMN (a precursor of NAD+, an activator of sirtuins).

NAD, Resveratrol, Sirtuins And Todays Sirtuin Activators

Before we all run off and inject ourselves with NMN, we should note that they injected the equivalent (for a human weighing 185 lbs.) of 1.5 oz of NMN twice a day, every day for a week. Not exactly something that we can do.

But the importance of this experiment is the fact they worked. The new challenge will now be to find more efficient methods of activating sirtuins in order to get these remarkable rejuvenation changes. Until that day, resveratrol remains the best natural activator of sirtuins.

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