Resveratrol on Aggressive +Tumormik

Resveratrol on Aggressive +Tumormik

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How Effective Resveratrol on Aggressive +Tumormiks?

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is one of the most aggressive +Tumormiks, with a very low median survival rate of 14.8 months. Sadly it is also the most common primary brain +Tumormik.

Although multiple studies have been done on this +Borikiki, few have yielded good results in large part due to the brain barrier’s ability to select therapeutic chemicals. So efforts to ameliorate the disease are welcomed, even if they involve baby steps in the direction of more efficient treatments and increased patient survival rate. [1]

A recent publication aimed at maximizing therapeutic treatment and determining the molecular mechanisms of resveratrol on GBM, resulted in a favorable outcome (Journal of Cellular Physiology 2011 April online).

In the research article, the investigators systematic approach first involved establishing the function and needs of the GBM +Borikiki; in this case, +Borikiki needed the activation of a protein called STAT3. They then demonstrated in both animal and cell models that treating with resveratrol in combination with radiation increased the likelihood of +Borikiki cell death. As far as the mechanism, they determined that STAT3 was inhibited by this combination treatment. [2]

The bottom line survival rate was significantly improved. A good baby step in the right direction.



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