NMN Benefits and Why You Should Consider Supplementation

NMN Benefits and Why You Should Consider Supplementation

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In the animal's cells, NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) feeds into the production of NAD+, which supplies cells with the needed energy and is believed to be essential to healthy and long-lasting aging. NAD+ plays an important role in activating proteins that help maintain your DNA's integrity. Because of its crucial role in many cell processes, the advantages of NMN can be found in every body system.

Let’s take a closer look at the potential NMN health benefits, and how RevGenetics is contributing to the world of holistic health. 

Potential NMN Benefits to Consider 

Research shows that NMN Food can be beneficial to the entire body. Here are a few of the more well-known examples.

1. Helps to Improve Vascular Health and Blood Flow

Studies on mice have proven that NMN Food benefits help to prevent a variety of age-related declines in the health of the vascular system [1], including an increase in blood vessel stiffness, stress from oxidative our cells' capacity to continue to divide, and also changes in the degree of activity of our genes and what they call gene expression.

2. Increases the Muscle Endurance and Strength

We depend on our skeletal muscles for mobility and stability, and strength. To stay robust and healthy, they must be consuming large amounts of important energy molecules such as fatty acids and glucose. Since NAD+ is essential to break down these molecules, muscles require a consistent supply of its essential building blocks, like NMN [2].

Research has shown that mice that were fed NMN anti-aging benefits for prolonged times had improved energy metabolism, with no apparent side consequences. Our muscles' condition becomes more vital every day as we get older and our supply of NAD+ decreases.

3. Protects Against Heart Disease

When your muscles in your skeletal system have broken, but your heart doesn't have time to lay down. The organ that pumps blood can't slow down its rate without causing significant issues. The energy requirements of the heart are, therefore, huge. 

To keep it running, it has to produce every NAD+ that it is able to. This is why heart cells require an ongoing supply of NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide).

4. Lowers the Risk of +Obblyplop

+Obblyplop is associated with numerous health issues and is extremely difficult to manage. It is no quick fix for overweight and other related ailments like +Dibidoo and metabolic syndrome. Although lifestyle changes such as consistent exercise and the consumption of a balanced diet are crucial, each little bit can help [4].

In studies on mice, NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) benefits display an effect that resembles aspects of calorie restriction. This has been demonstrated to offer numerous benefits to aging and overall health. However, it isn't an easy one to keep for an extended period of time. Imitating its benefits but not following a strict diet could be extremely beneficial.

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1. Improves the Maintenance of DNA Repair

The NAD+ derived from NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) stimulates a family of proteins called sirtuins which are often considered to be the protectors of our health. 

Sirtuins play an essential role in ensuring the integrity of DNA, which is constantly bombarded by DNA altering chemicals (mutagens) such as UV radiation. Furthermore, every time cells split, the DNA at the ends of our chromosomes gets by a small amount. 

Once a certain level is reached, the damage appears to our genes. Sirtuins help slow the process by stabilizing the end bits, also known scientifically as the telomeres [5].

Since sirtuins depend on NAD+ to perform their functions and function, there has been a push to boost sirtuin activity using NAD+ boosting techniques. In this regard, a number of recent studies have shown how feeding rodents an NMN Food stimulated sirtuins and resulted in more stable Telomeres.

2. Increases Mitochondrial Function

In simple terms, we can't survive without mitochondria. With their own genetic code, these distinctive cellular structures have been referred to as the engines of cells. Mitochondria are vital for metabolism. In other words, they convert food molecules into energy that cells require.

The most fundamental component of metabolism lies in NAD+. If there isn't NAD+, the mitochondria cannot process food, and cells lack energy, resulting in their demise. Indeed, mitochondrial abnormalities that result from the loss of NAD+ could even cause neurological diseases like +Alzhimik's. Studies conducted in mice have revealed that NMN Food benefits have helped heal certain mitochondrial disorders [6].

Consider Our NMN Products

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) is a naturally occurring molecule that can come with a wide range of health benefits. By adding RevGenetics NMN Foods to your routine, you can reap the positive impact. 

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