TA-65 Bioenhanced – New Low Price

TA-65 Bioenhanced – New Low Price

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RevGenetics now introduces the new 30 capsules 100 Unit TA-65 Bioenhanced for a lower price. Read how TA-65 Bioenhanced is up to 50x better! You have heard of TA-65 benefits; now, get TA-65 for only $100. Yes, you can now afford to try TA-65 for the first time. You can purchase the TA-65 Bioenhanced 100 Unit bottle by clicking here (TA-65 Bioenhanced 100 Unit bottle)

Does the TA-65 Bioenhanced 100 Unit supplement have the same ingredient as regular TA-65?

Yes, the new 30 capsule bottle has the same patented telomerase activation ingredient in the larger bottles of TA-65 that RevGenetics has provided for years.

What is the difference between the larger 90 capsule bottles of TA-65 and the TA-65 Bioenhanced 100 Unit bottle?

The TA-65 100 Unit bottle was explicitly made for affordability to those clients who found it challenging to purchase the larger bottles of TA-65 and those who switched to other products that didn't provide the benefits that TA-65 provided but found themselves not being able to buy TA-65 every month. The larger bottles have 250 Units of TA-65, while the new TA-65 Bioenhanced 100 Unit bottles have less of the special telomerase activation ingredient. The ingredient remains the best-tested telomerase activator in the world.

Why did TA Sciences create the TA-65 Bioenhanced 100 Unit product?

Here at RevGenetics, we met up with TA Sciences to talk about our customers, and during our conversation, we found out that this TA-65 Bioenhanced 100

The unit bottle was a product waiting in the wings. Because of the new data from TA Sciences during that meeting, we felt that this new product would help provide TA-65 to those customers who wanted a world-class telomerase activator while addressing some of the cost issues.

While regular TA-65 products are made to be taken at specific dosages in a 3-6 month period, we felt that a lower dose than the TA-65 100 Unit provides can be beneficial when taking the dose for a more extended time as part of a daily set of vitamins for your well being. The new data we will provide soon also suggests that the TA-65 100 Unit bottle and other TA-65 products are better than previously thought.

Should I switch to TA-65 Bioenhanced 100 Unit bottle if I am already taking the 250 Unit TA-65?

The 250 Unit TA-65 bottles provide more of the TA-65 ingredient, and we believe they will benefit in a shorter time. We suggest continuing with your larger 90 capsule bottles of TA-65.

Should I switch to TA-65 Bioenhanced 100 Unit bottle if I am using another product that claims to activate telomerase?

It had always been known that TA-65 was the best-tested telomerase activator available. No doctor or no researcher can dispute that. When people chose to try a product other than TA-65, it was simply because of the price with the introduction of TA-65 Bioenhanced 100 Unit bottles; that is certainly not the case now.

Here at RevGenetics, we get emails from doctors that have pushed their products, claiming 10x to 100x the potency of telomerase activators. Still, we can't produce or publish data to support their claims.

We forget that many MDs are good ear, nose, and throat doctors but are not qualified to do research or know their way around a research lab. We here at RevGenetics understand that, and that is why at RevGenetics, we look to Dr. Valenzuela to help us review raw data and studies and perform research in the area of Telomeres, as that was his specialty at UCLA.

If a doctor has convinced you to purchase another product that he can't even test himself or produce scientific evidence of his claims, it may be time to return to RevGenetics.

You can switch to the TA-65 Bioenhanced 100 Unit bottle by clicking here (TA-65 Bioenhanced 100 Unit bottle)

Can I take the TA-65 Bioenhanced 100 Unit supplement every day?

Yes, the low dosage TA-65 Bioenhanced product, much like aspirin, is made to be taken daily. We recommend taking TA-65 Bioenhanced 100 unit capsules with your daily regimen, a Nitro250, and MetaCurcumin recommended products.

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