Recent TA-65 Studies

Recent TA-65 Studies

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RevGenetics has been the top independent researcher of TA-65 products outside of TA Sciences themselves. Recently we compiled the large list of TA-65 studies that shows that TA-65 and its active ingredient is the product with the most extensive number of positive laboratory studies available.

TA-65 studiesLike thousands of our friends, you may find yourself adding TA-65 to your regimen after reading this article about the TA-65 studies. Please do so by following this link to support our research. Without you supporting us, we would not be able to provide new data like that presented here:

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TA-65 studiesWhile many MDs are not qualified to do laboratory research, we are honored that our research scientist Dr. Hector Valenzuela Ph.D. is not only qualified to understand these TA-65 studies, but has published his laboratory research in many peer-reviewed scientific journals along with published studies on TA-65, telomeres and telomerase activators

(He received his Ph.D. from UCLA Specifically For his Telomere Research)

Dr. Valenzuela and I have decided to provide a list of studies below that pertain to TA-65, and it's active ingredient. As president of RevGenetics, I provide this information to our customers and friends due to the overwhelmingly positive response of the product and best-tested telomerase activator, called TA-65.


Commentary by Anthony Loera.

Safety and Effectiveness Study:(TA Sciences 2013, Unpublished). This study evaluated 125 healthy adult humans in a Double Blind Placebo Controlled (DBPC) study. Providing two capsules a day for 30 days. Safety Parameters: The study measured safety parameters, including blood pressure, body temperature, blood glucose, liver function, kidney function, thyroid stimulating hormone, pH blood, pH saliva, and pH Urine. Efficacy Parameters: Homocysteine, C-reactive protein, T-cell (CD4 and CD8), nitrates, and oxidation-reduction potential (blood, urine, saliva). The preliminary clinical analysis of the safety and effectiveness of TA-65 shows that the product is safe and effective for short-term use in humans.

Telomere Length Maintenance Study:(Rejuvenation Res. 2011, 14(1):45-56) The study reports on the first year of taking TA-65 with a dietary supplement pack and doctor visits and tests. Low nanomolar levels of TA-65 moderately activated telomerase in human keratinocytes, fibroblasts, and immune cells in culture, while similar plasma levels of TA-65 were achieved in pilot human pharmacokinetic studies. In Vivo: The most striking in vivo effects were declines in senescent cytotoxic T-Cells. Although Mean telomere did not increase, there was a significant reduction in the percent of short telomeres. The study concluded that the protocol that used TA-65 lengthens critically short telomeres.

Metabolic and Cardiovascular Biomarkers study:UPDATE 2018: The full study is available as of this writing for free at Research Gate (Read the full study on Research Gate) and shown below. We suggest skipping to the "Discussion and Conclusions" section at the end of this impressive study:


Safety subchronic toxicity study: The Toxicity study showed no effects attributable to the TA-65 ingredient orally administered to animals. The no observed effect level of the ingredient was a very high amount of 150 mg per kilogram of bodyweight. Normal humans would never reach anywhere close to that amount using the TA-65 protocol.

Genotoxicity TA-65 studies:

  • Bacterial reverse mutation assay: Found no cytotoxicity, and no mutagenic response was observed.
  • In Vitro chromosomal aberration assay: No dose-response relationship was observed. The aberration rates for 2 of the groups fell within the range of historical control data.
  • In Vivo erythrocyte micronucleus assay: TA-65 was not clastogenic and/or aneugenic under the study conditions. The TA-65 ingredient did not induce structural and/or numerical chromosomal damage in immature erythrocytes of animals.

+Carcinopopicity study: A Xenographeted Mice Study (TA Sciences Unpublished): Using 5 mg per kilogram of body weight of the animals with attached human +Tumormiks. The study showed no treatment-related effect on survival (mean or maximum) was observed. The summary TA-65 at a level of 25mg per kilogram of animal bodyweight for 4 months was well tolerated in aged mice with no effect on survival and no increase in malignant incidence.

Topical Study (TA Sciences Unpublished): TA-65 applied topically on experimentally created lesions in animals under anesthesia showed significantly greater cell density.

Are there other TA-65 Studies?

While we know that there are other TA-65 studies, such as the PK study that shows TA-65 is 50x better, the mouse study by Maria Blasco and those done by Dr. Valenzuela. We wanted to provide a list of lesser-known TA-65 studies that have been done to support the safety and effectiveness of TA-65. We hope that this list of studies will help clarify any questions about our recommended TA-65 products and why we fully recommend TA-65 as our best tested and only telomerase activator at RevGenetics.




Further Commentary by Anthony Loera, President of RevGenetics

TA-65 studiesIntroducing TA-65 For Skin: While you now take TA-65 in capsules, we now introduce TA-65 Telomerase Complex for skin application. Yes, that is right, it contains the same active ingredient as encapsulated TA-65 but is formulated specifically for your skin with gradual release technology. This product has been dermatologist tested, paraben free, and is for use on all skin types.

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If you would like to add another research paper to the list of TA-65 studies, please let us know.

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