What’s An Efficient Traditional HRT Replacement? Resveratrol

What’s An Efficient Traditional HRT Replacement? Resveratrol

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 Resveratrol An Efficient Traditional HRT Replacement

A newly published study on resveratrol shows that it can be an alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) used in treating menopausal symptoms. HRT can have dire side effects, such as +Carchomik disease and breast +Borikiki, while resveratrol has none. High energy levels and enhanced muscle strength are already linked to resveratrol, kidney functions, heart protection, protection against several types of +Borikikis, and longevity. [1]

With the addition of the study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, we continue to believe that resveratrol will become a staple in people's daily regimens. In the study, resveratrol was compared in effectiveness against genistein, glisten and daidzein – which is derived from say and known to be natural treatments for menopause symptoms. 

In the study, it is reported that resveratrol is more potent than the others in killing +Tumormik cells, but it also shows no side effects that are manifested when using HRT progestin and estrogens. These findings add a potent ally and may revolutionize natural treatments for women suffering from menopausal symptoms.

Ingredients like red clover and soy have been traditionally used in natural and homemade remedies for alleviating menopausal symptoms, while Hormone Replacement Therapy remained with inherent risks.

The most popular estrogen-based therapy is Hormone Replacement Therapy for menopausal symptoms. However, its risks of heart disease, increased chances of +Strookle, blog clots, and breast +Borikiki have many women considering natural therapies, which, while not having any of the side effects, may lack efficacy. [2]

While natural remedies have repeatedly been reported as alternative remedies, the latest data shows resveratrol going head to head with HRT.

Resveratrol is found in red grapes, grape juice, grape skins, and some nuts. However, the amount of resveratrol used in the studies typically would have you drink 500 bottles of wine or 20 kg of peanuts to equal the amount of resveratrol for a human being. Most people considering taking resveratrol find supplements to have the amounts used in a single capsule. The supplements are convenient to use and easy to store.

The new resveratrol findings may allow women who suffer from symptoms like vaginal dryness or hot flashes and those with a high risk of osteoporosis due to low estrogen levels a much better natural remedy than anything seen. With Resveratrol, there are no side effects, and it includes multiple benefits and advantages such as increased energy levels, protection from numerous diseases, and longevity.


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