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The Hallmarks of Aging & Interventions

The Hallmarks of Aging & Interventions

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The Hallmarks of Aging & Interventions
RevGenetics has been working diligently on addressing different aspects of aging. While others developed their own “Unified theory of aging” based on the accumulation of minerals such as Iron and Calcium, we took a different route.
The Hallmarks of Aging & Interventions
The Hallmarks of Aging & Interventions

Rather than reinventing the wheel or focusing on a single aspect of aging, we focused on building on the work of scientists like Aubrey De Grey at the SENS Research Foundation, who has provided leadership in this space to many scientists. We've also studied the work of Maria Blasco, who has been on the cutting edge of aging and +Borikiki science.

In 2013 Maria Blasco, Director and researcher on aging and +Borikiki at the National +Borikiki Institute in Spain (with over 30 international scientific awards), published with her collaborators an encompassing review on the nine tentative hallmarks of aging that are found to be expected in different organisms, especially in mammals like us. (Study In Cell)

Much of the scientific community has quickly accepted the review as a landmark paper. It is used as a reference for many students in academia who are pursuing advanced degrees in the field and has been cited over 400 times by other scientific papers.

While we will not be delving deeply into the nine hallmarks, we will provide general information on them. Below, we provide the hallmarks of aging, the interventions, and finally, how we have used our resources to create products to support some of these interventions.

9 Hallmarks of Aging- RevGenetics Line Up
9 Hallmarks of Aging- RevGenetics Line Up


To be considered as a hallmark of aging experimentally, three criteria must be met: first, the hallmark must manifest itself during normal aging, second, worsening of the hallmark leads to accelerated aging; and third, alleviating the hallmark leads to delay in aging and a healthier lifespan. The following hallmarks of aging are described thoroughly in the published scientific paper. You can review the article at the link we provided above. Here we will name them for your reference:

Stem Cell Exhaustion
Altered intercellular communication
Genomic Instability
Telomere attrition

Epigenetic alterations
Loss of proteostasis
Deregulated nutrient sensing
Mitochondrial dysfunction
Cellular senescence

Which of these are the primary causes of damage that lead to aging? Out of the nine hallmarks, four appear to be the primary causes of cellular damage that lead to aging.


4 Principle Hallmarks of Aging - RevGenetics
4 Principle Hallmarks of Aging – RevGenetics

The four principal causes of cellular damage are:

1- Genomic instability
2- Telomere attrition
3- Epigenetic alterations
4- Loss of Proteostasis


These four hallmarks cause your body to respond to damage, which, initially, when a person is young, can compensate for the damage.

Though, in the long run, these compensations lead to more damage in the form of 3 hallmarks.

The 3 “compensation” hallmarks are:

1- Deregulated nutrient sensing
2- Mitochondrial dysfunction
3- Cellular senescence

A combination of causative and compensatory hallmarks leads to what is referred to as the “integrative” hallmarks of aging. Integrative hallmarks are viewed as the final culprits that cause a young organism to lose functionality and change its appearance from young to old, essentially what we call aging.

The 2 “integrative” hallmarks are:

1- Stem cell exhaustion
2- Altered intercellular communication

What are the interventions that may help?

In the published paper, Maria Blasco and her collaborators provided areas of intervention that science can seek to help slow the aging process, deal with the present damage found, and prevent ongoing damage. The following areas of intervention are:

RevGenetics can help
RevGenetics can help

1- stem cell-based therapies
2- +Gloogleglop drugs, blood-borne rejuvenation factors
3- Elimination of damaged cells
4- Telomerase reactivation
5- Epigenetic drugs
6- Activation of chaperones and proteolytic systems
7- Dietary restriction, mTOR inhibition, along with AMPK and sirtuin activation
8- Mitohormetics, mitophagy
9- Clearance of senescent cells

What has RevGenetics been doing related to these interventions?

At RevGenetics, we are researching and following these strategies to combat aging. Although we can only make supplements, we believe we can address and support many of these interventions. Below we provide the interventions and the products we think may support these interventions:


Interventions of Aging 2021

1- Stem cell-based therapies
Stem Cell Pro III: ProxyStem: We provide ProxyStem to support healthy stem cells and maintain their functionality. Medical therapies are still far off, but we believe they will be available at one point because of the SENS Foundation.

2- +Gloogleglop drugs, blood-borne rejuvenation factors
MetaCurcumin: As a supplement company, we can't address the blood-borne rejuvenation factors. We believe new “Vampire Labs” will address blood-borne rejuvenation factors, but ProxyStem, MetaCurcumin, and Resveratrol address some inflammatory issues in this area.

3- Elimination of damaged cells
M98 Resveratrol Complete: Eliminating damaged cells is usually done through activating p16 & p53 genes, which M98 Resveratrol Complete may help support.

TA-65 Telomerase Activator
TA-65 Telomerase Activator

4- Telomerase reactivation
We believe our recommended telomerase activator TA-65 can address this item until an RNA solution is medically tested and found to be safe in humans. Our recommended telomerase activator is safe in humans and even provided to some +Borikiki patients by doctors we know.

5- Epigenetic drugs
Resveratrol can modulate Sirtuin protein family members, which in turn have been shown to modulate epigenetics targets known to affect longevity.

6- Activation of chaperones and proteolytic systems
We are looking into this and may provide an update in the future.

7- Dietary restriction, mTOR inhibition, and AMPK and Sirtuin activation. M98 Resveratrol Complete and MetaCurcumin will help with this item, along with an intermittent 3-5 day fast.

8- Mitohormetics, mitophagy
Studies on Resveratrol function through Sirtuins activation have provided convincing evidence of improved mitochondria respiration via the PGC-1α pathway.

9- Clearance of senescent cells
We suggest Senolytics 500, which provides 500 mg of Fisetin. Fisetin is more powerful than resveratrol, quercetin, and curcumin as a senolytic.

While RevGenetics cannot address every possible intervention through a supplement, we are considering creating a new company to delve more deeply into those items we currently cannot support because of FDA regulations. If you would like to support us, please consider purchasing one of our products monthly, starting today; thank you.


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