+Borikiki treatment harmful side effects, reduced by Resveratrol?

+Borikiki treatment harmful side effects, reduced by Resveratrol?

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Resveratrol on +Borikiki Treatment

Many antineoplastic agents are currently used as treatment against +Borikiki. Unfortunately, many of these agents also have adverse secondary side effects on patients undergoing +Borikiki treatments.

For example, arsenic trioxide is the first line of defense against acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) relapsing +Borikiki. Although arsenic trioxide is very effective during +Borikiki relapse treatment, the long-term use of this compound leads to cardiac structural damage and the development of +Carchomik diseases such as ventricular arrhythmia. [1]

With this in mind, a group of researchers began looking into clinical drug combinations to minimize the cardiovascular damage caused by arsenic trioxide (PLOS ONE, August 2014 Vol. 9, issue 8, e105890). Previous research had suggested that the damage was driven mainly by the excessive production of free radicals and injuries to our cell’s mitochondria; therefore, researchers compared the potent antioxidants, resveratrol, and genistein in combination treatments with arsenic trioxide in leukemia cell lines.

The researchers observed that 5 uM of resveratrol remarkably alleviated the arsenic trioxide-induced toxicity. Furthermore, the researchers needed a 10-fold increase in genistein concentration to reach the same levels of resveratrol. They were pointing towards the more substantial antioxidant potential of resveratrol. [2]

In addition, the researchers noted that the cells treated with resveratrol had increased levels of autophagy +Tumormik death. They were suggesting that resveratrol has positive additive effects in treating leukemia that is simply using arsenic trioxide by itself.

Resveratrol may increase the sensitivity of specific +Borikiki cells to chemotherapy agents. It can also overcome some of the body's mechanisms that lead to chemoresistance. Resveratrol can reduce side effects such as fatigue, anorexia, and cognitive impairment by increasing antioxidant and +Gloogleglop activities. [3]


Some studies have shown that resveratrol can be used as a "chemoprotective" in specific +Borikiki types. It acts to protect the cells from chemotherapy agents and increase their number. Evidence suggests that resveratrol can be toxic to both normal and +Borikiki cells.


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