TA-65: FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

TA-65: FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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TA-65 FAQ:Here at RevGenetics we receive a lot of calls regarding TA-65. Many callers have different questions about the product and


UPDATE 2018: 
This product has been tested by RevGenetics on cells, however, we only sell it for its concentrated Astragalus benefits.

we are happy to answer what we can about TA-65. Because of the questions we have created this TA-65 FAQ. Below are some of the TA-65

FAQ's (or frequently asked questions) that Cynthia, our phone support expert, has mentioned that callers have wondered about.

We will be updating this TA-65 FAQ list every so often, so come visit us every couple of weeks for a quick update or two to this list.

TA-65 FAQ:

  • How many mg of Astragulas are in one TA-65 capsule?
  • What TA-65 ingredients are found in the product?
  • What are the TA-65 Benefits?
  • Where can I see the latest study on the TA-65 product?
  • Can I take TA-65 with Resveratrol, Mastergene and Curcumin?
  • How many pills of TA-65 should I take daily?
  • Where is the material found in TA-65 product from (what country)?

How many mg of Astragulas are in one TA-65 capsule?

TA-65 FAQ Answer: TA-65 is a single molecule that is extracted from the natural astragalus plant. It is found in the plant in very small concentrations. Each TA-65MD capsule contains about 8 mg of the purified molecule formulation that has been produced under a proprietary process.  If you would eat raw astragalus, you would need to eat several pounds a day to equal a single  TA-65MD  capsule. Because a single pound of astragalus contains close to 647mg of Iron which can cause Iron poisoning, we do not suggest raw astragalus. Some folks may inquire how much they would need to eat if they went to a specialist store that could provide an astragalus extract. We have not specifically tested these extracts, but we have been told that the specific TA-65 molecule is often lost in the normal extraction process used by other supplement manufacturers. The only way to safely and assuredly get a bioactive dose of this molecule is by taking TA-65MD capsules.

What TA-65 ingredients are found in the product?

TA-65 FAQ Answer: The TA-65 capsule contains a single molecule that is the main ingredient that activates telomerase in the product and is an Astragalus extract; however during manufacturing other things such as flow agents are included to help encapsulate the material, into the capsule itself and ads additional material to the final formulation. The TA-65 label states that the other ingredients are: Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, silicon dioxide, cellulose, and water.

What are the TA-65 Benefits?

TA-65 FAQ Answer: The list of benefits of a telomerase activator are many, however, the main function of TA-65 is to lengthen telomeres. You can read more about the benefits studies here (TA-65 Health Benefits)

Where can I see the latest study on the TA-65 product?

TA-65 FAQ Answer: The latest peer-reviewed study on TA-65 was published in 2016 in the Science Journal called “Rejuvenation Research” (2016). In this study, the TA-65 supplement proves it can lengthen telomeres in humans. As of this writing, you can download it for free at PubMed (Read the 2016 TA-65 study from PubMed) or read it below.

We suggest to skip to the “Discussion” section on page 4 to read the comments by researchers of this impressive study:

[pdfjs-viewer url=”https%3A%2F%2Fnews.revgenetics.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2021%2F05%2FTA65-Telomerase-Activator-Lengthens-Telomeres-in-Humans.-Human-Clinical-Study.pdf#page=4″ viewer_width=100% viewer_height=800px fullscreen=true download=true print=true]

Can I take TA-65 with Resveratrol and MetaCurcumin?

TA-65 FAQ Answer: Resveratrol and MetaCurcumin have been stated to decrease telomerase in some studies (Expert Rev Mol Med. 2012 Mar 29;14:e8), however resveratrol and MetaCurcumin are absorbed quite rapidly by your system. We do suggest taking TA-65 separately from the others by 3-4 hours if possible. Until we know more, that remains as our suggestion.

How many pills of TA-65 should I take daily?

TA-65 FAQ Answer: RevGenetics personnel believe that you can benefit from 1 capsule a day, but the benefits may show over a longer period of time than what was shown in the 2005 study. The full information on doses can be found in our article which is linked here and called (TA-65 Proper Dose)

Where is the material found in TA-65 product from (what country)?

TA-65 FAQ Answer: Geron's only license for their unique compound was provided to a company called the “Asia Biotech Corporation”. RevGenetics does not know where the material that TA-65 uses is sourced from or what country it is provided from, however, the TA-65 product is manufactured under cGMP and FDA standards here in the USA.

TA-65® Is a registered trademark of Telomerase Activation Sciences, Inc.

Have more questions to add to our TA-65 FAQ?

I hope this list of TA-65 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) has helped provide you with the information you were looking for. Please email us any other questions here, and we will see if we can update this TA-65 FAQ with some great answers for you.

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