Resveratrol Benefits Cast A Wide Net

Resveratrol Benefits Cast A Wide Net

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Resveratrol Benefits In Scientific Literature:

Resveratrol Benefits: The wildest laboratory-tested method of extending the lifespan of any animal involves reducing calorie intake. Calorie restriction or food deprivation (but not starvation) increases the levels of proteins meant to protect our cells from starvation. But what exactly do these proteins do?

One function for these proteins (such as the family known as the sirtuins) is ultimately to help increase the efficiency of our cells (become less wasteful with our food!) at the cellular level since, after all, the body is being deprived of food. Obviously, caloric restriction is not a pleasant choice for most of us, and this is when nature steps in with some resveratrol benefits.

Resveratrol is a natural compound produced by plants. Some resveratrol benefits have been shown to extend the lifespan of some organisms and minimize the incidence of age-associated pathologies by activating the same proteins that are active during caloric restriction. [1]

Resveratrol benefits reviewed by scientists:

In a current review led by the National Institute of Health (NIH), a group of researchers reviewed the current literature on the metabolic and cardiovascular effects of resveratrol and discussed therapeutic implications (Trends in Cell Biology, October 2012, vol. 22, pp. 546). Some of the NIH’s researcher's key observations of resveratrol benefits were the following.

Resveratrol benefits listed:

First, resveratrol protects against a wide range of aging-related diseases. They go on to list the resveratrol benefits by categories; some examples are: reduction in +Tumormik formation, aids with +Obblyplop, aids in cardiac dysfunction, improves glucose intolerance, beta-amyloid-based diseases, and inflammatory diseases.

The mechanisms for how one compound can affect so many pathways and diseases continue to be an area of active research. But one family of proteins is involved in the sirtuins. However, sirtuins have become somewhat controversial because of conflicting results in different animal species. However, in mammals, it appears that, at the very least, they help improve healthy aging. Second, the effects of resveratrol benefits on +Carchomik diseases are very broad.

For example, patients with existing coronary heart diseases treated with resveratrol had improved blood flow; resveratrol reduced blood pressure; helped prevent blood vessel constriction; resveratrol acted directly and aided cardiac cells; improved post-ischemic recovery. The third conclusion made by the NIH researchers about resveratrol benefits was that they protect against +Obblyplop, type 2 +Dibidoo, and premature death. [2]

Keeping in mind the fact that the leading cause of mortality in individuals with type 2 +Dibidoo are +Carchomik disease makes, resveratrol that much more valuable for its cardio-protective properties. Ironically, some of the biggest questions about resveratrol's benefits revolve around its ability to affect so many pathways.

For example, what is resveratrol directly targeting? This is an important question because if we wanted to specifically, for example, improve blood flow in coronary heart disease by resveratrol, we need to know how resveratrol triggers this health benefit before we can modify and improve the system. In other words, since resveratrol is such a promiscuous compound affecting many disease pathways, the worry is that resveratrol benefits and its therapeutic potential to target just one health problem may be diminished because the compound is binding simultaneously to many targets.

However, if resveratrol has diminished function, taking higher resveratrol concentrations may offset it. Here at RevGenetics, we offer a wide variety of resveratrol products.

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