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A Personal Letter From The President Of RevGenetics – The RevGenetics Story

A Personal Letter From The President Of RevGenetics – The RevGenetics Story

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A Letter From Anthony Loera, President of RevGenetics.

This letter was originally sent out on October 9th, 2014 to our RevGenetics Friends. It has been republished here to provide a little insight on RevGenetics.

Anthony Loera RevGenetics
Anthony Loera RevGenetics


I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know that we appreciate how many people like you are interested in longevity and health like we are. Yes, we truly appreciate it, and I believe we may just have many of the same ideals when it comes to extending life.

Most of you know RevGenetics only through our website, while only some of you know our whole story. Here is a little of that story.

I share it with you so that you may know a little more about our passion at RevGenetics.

Before The RevGenetics Story Began:

RevGenetics started in late 2006 but the real spark of what later was to become RevGenetics came out of seeing not only people, but children in hospice care when I worked as an engineer at Vitas Hospice.

As a Vitas hospice employee we had to ride along and help the nurses on their daily route and see first hand what hospice care… the care of terminally ill people was really like. Including the effects of the ill and those close family members that stood by them until the end.


At Vitas, I worked as a top engineer and had complete access to the names of people across the country who were terminally ill, their ages, and the illness that would Vitas Hospiceultimately would be the cause of their passing. Seeing pages and pages of terminally ill names on a computer is one thing, but seeing the humanity and suffering in person is quite another. Married couples where one is living their last days or the surprising twist… where I was told not to say anything to the patient that would lead them to consider that the patient was terminally ill.. then walking into the room of a 5yo girl, realizing she was the patient.

I also found that it is the nurses and the CNAs that take on an enormous physical and mental toll that typical hospice physicians shield themselves from.

However the images that truly haunt me were those of family members caring for their fathers, mothers and sometimes a son or daughter. The family member's faces strong and caring when near their terminally ill parent or daughter, yet suffering, crying and unsuccessfully coping with a reality when they thought they were alone… nothing short of a nightmare that sometimes still wakes me up at night. Much like it did recently and prompted me to consider this email.

At Vitas I tried my best to use my engineering skills to create new systems and wireless tablet software to make things easier for those nurses. But I still felt I could not do enough… at least not at Vitas.


Sometime later, during a very personal and challenging time in my life my Wife found out from two different specialists that it was unlikely she could conceive any children. The last specialist going as far as telling her coldly “it would be a miracle if it happened” and to consider other options. She left crying and devastated, and I left cursing the man who used such words to my wife. I vaguely remember the days afterwards, thinking I would never be the one to devastate my wifes dreams. I don't remember where she got the idea of a Chinese herbalist, but, after a few weeks she wanted to try seeing one. In my heart there was no way I could tell her not to go… I could only think that maybe she could move on somehow, when it didn't work. I honestly believed it would be the biggest waste of money… but I was never going to tell her that. I just supported her.

Today, we have two kids. To express that I was surprised that drinking a month worth of nasty smelly tea on a daily basis, with chunks of bark and different plants that the old Chinese Dr provided my wife actually worked… was a profound understatement.

Something profoundly changed that day she told me she was pregnant.

My Son - The Miracle
My Son – The Miracle


Later in 2006, is when I enlisted the help of Hector Valenzuela Ph.D. to first examine Resveratrol university studies for me after figuring out what some of those plants were those given to my wife. I had known Hector for a long time before our first conversation on resveratrol, even back when he was still a student at UCLA running a lab with Rita.

I remember I once asked him while he was a student… what was he doing in the lab, something interesting perhaps? He jokingly responded, “Oh, nothing, just working on things that might make someone live one day forever.” He was, of course, working on his Ph.D. Thesis on telomeres.

Hector Valenzuela, PhD - UCLA
Hector Valenzuela, PhD UCLA – Old Picture

RevGenetics was born.

Here at RevGenetics, we have a passion for longevity.

When you purchase products from the RevGenetics website you not only get a unique world-class product that we have researched … but you also invest in the future of RevGenetics, and the development and production of recommendations and unique products that drive our passion to extend life.

Our goal is simple, from adding decades to a healthy person or just adding more time for those who are terminal and want to provide their family a proper farewell.

Thank you for your time in reading a small part of our story, please invest in us and in our passion for longevity, by purchasing products at RevGenetics.

Anthony Loera
President and Founder

Our website:


See all our products are here:
View All RevGenetics Products

As a special side note, if you would like to help us fund a new laboratory instead of (or in addition to) purchasing RevGenetics products, please let me know.

The laboratory will be provided to Hector Valenzuela Ph.D. to study the rejuvenation of human volunteers that was successful in animals in Stanford and Harvard. We believe an independent lab made for this purpose is something we will need help funding.

For now, I am jokingly going to call it the “Vampire lab” while we work out a better name for it.

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