Superhero Vitamins for Fighting Off COVID-19!

Superhero Vitamins for Fighting Off COVID-19!

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Superhero Vitamins for Fighting Off COVID-19!

Hey There, Little Explorer!

Guess what? COVID-19 is like a sneaky vampire that tries to make people feel really tired and sick. But don't worry! Scientists have found superhero vitamins that can help us fight off this naughty vampire. 

What Did the Scientists Do?

Scientists did a special test with something called "endothelial cells." Imagine these cells are like the skin of a dinosaur—super tough and protective! The scientists found out that the COVID-19 vampire makes these dinosaur skins less strong. But the superhero vitamins can make them strong again!

Why Should We Care?

Well, if the dinosaur's skin isn't strong, it can get sick easily, just like us! So, these superhero vitamins can help keep the dinosaur's skin strong and keep us healthy too!

What Makes These Vitamins So Cool?

These superhero vitamins are called NAD+. Think of them as the spinach to our Popeye! They make our cells strong so we can say "Bye-bye!" to the COVID-19 vampire.

How Do These Superhero Vitamins Work?

When the dinosaur's skin gets these superhero vitamins, it becomes super strong again! It's like giving a shield to a knight before fighting a dragon!

Some Cool Numbers!

  • The dinosaur's skin was 27% less strong because of the COVID-19 vampire.
  • But the superhero vitamins made it 54% stronger!

Be a Hero!

Want to be strong like a dinosaur? Ask your mom and dad if you can try these superhero vitamins! They're like a secret weapon for staying super healthy! They are found in Broccoli, cucumbers, avocados, tomatoes, edamame, mushrooms, spinach, and small amounts in shrimp and beef too, so eat yummy broccoli with butter, and protect yourself by making sure you aren't deficient in the good superhero vitamins!

Yay, We Did It!

So now you know, these superhero vitamins are awesome for keeping us and our dinosaur friends strong and healthy!


Did you know these superhero vitamins can also make you age like a wizard? That means you'll be strong and healthy for a long, long time! Your parents will need much much more of the superhero vitamins than you do to be healthy, so make sure you tell them.


Hurry, and ask your parents to get some yummy broccoli with superhero vitamins!

High-fives and dino roars,
Anthony Loera

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