The TA-65 Price

The TA-65 Price

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TA-65 Price

Updates on TA-65 Price changes:

UPDATE 01/02/2016: 

We always have the best price on TA-65 guaranteed.

The fact is that we offer a 30 day price guarantee. It works like this: You buy TA-65 from us, and if you find a better price within 30 days from any distributor, we will refund the difference and provide you a 10% discount on your next purchase. Thats how our guarantee works.

We search for low TA-65 prices, just for you!

We also look around the Internet and find the best price, then provide it here. So what is the best price we have found for you today?

Bioenhanced TA-65 is available at full strength at the regular TA-65 Price here (Click to purchase full strength TA-65 here)

The TA-65 price is mostly the same everywhere at this time, except if you are privileged to be on a private list of sales, as most of our customers are. As one of the Top Source of of TA-65 Online, we offer the best price to the public many times beating others, and we now guarantee to have the lowest price.

If the TA-65 price is important to you, please consider signing up for our newsletter so that you can be notified of any sales as well as have a chance to win free TA-65 in our monthly drawing. Sign up to the newsletter here: (TA-65 Newsletter).

Since the ta-65 price is mostly fixed, you will not be able to save money by ordering it through a doctor's office or another internet website.

If you become a RevGenetics client you will have access to the latest information on telomerase activators like TA-65 as well as our recommendations on others we don't presently sell.

Please note that TA-65 price and dose guidelines are provided by the manufacturer and are followed by the doctor's that provide TA-65.

RevGenetics is different, as we offer the same guidelines however we are the only company that has independently tested TA-65 in a lab setting and verified it's telomerase activity in human cells.

We can therefore provide our own recommendations on dosage. Please read our recommendations here: (TA-65 Dose). Yes, you can do it yourself, without any TA-65 doctor you may have heard of. After all, it's a safe supplement that doesn't require a doctor's prescription.

The TA-65 price per bottle is shown below:

Update 05/25/2012: Our Memorial Day sale runs through Monday at Midnight. Regular Pricing of $219 is temporarily reduced to $197 and $191.

Update 05/29/2012: Our sale has ended. Please sign up for our newsletter to be apprised of any new sales in the future and a chance to win free TA-65. (Click to sign up)

Update 11/20/2013: We have decided to beat our competitors on TA-65 90 Capsule bottles on new orders while supplies last. We will try to beat any legitimate company's online price.

TA-65 Price

While the TA-65 price is considered near the top of the spectrum for supplements, we do remind you that study subjects had experienced increased telomere length and many other important biological marker improvements that usually is seen to decline with age.

In the end, If you're wondering about the TA 65 price, then you probably already know that this supplement is now considered as the best anti-aging supplement on the market along with micronized resveratrol. The extracted TA-65 molecule comes from an herb called Astralagus, it has been shown to repair the telomere. These telomere tips at the end of your DNA become shorter each time your cells divide. This process that happens as a normal function of life makes you and your cells weaker and more prone to disease as you age. TA-65 helps prevent this from happening, which in turn, may help allow you to live longer than the average lifespan of humans.

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