TA-65 Study – TA-65 And +Borikiki

TA-65 Study – TA-65 And +Borikiki

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TA-65 And +Borikiki.

UPDATE 01/07/2014:
This product has been tested by RevGenetics on cells, however we only sell it for its concentrated Astragalus benefits.

TA-65 and +Borikiki: It is now common knowledge in the field of aging that telomere dysfunction is associated with many age-related pathologies. What remains to be discovered is the “how” of these mechanisms to treat these age-related pathologies better.

In a fascinating research article in the journal Aging Cell led by investigators María A. Blasco Ph.D. (Director of Molecular Oncology Programme at the Spanish National +Borikiki Research Center) and Calvin Harley, the investigators looked at TA-65 and +Borikiki with glucose tolerance, skin fitness, and osteoporosis. They demonstrated that telomerase activator TA-65 elongates telomeres and increases the health span of old mice without increasing the +Borikiki incidence (Aging Cell March 2011, pp 1-18). According to an older study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, nicotine (and possibly other activators that remain untested) that come in direct contact with gum and buccal mucosa tissues can have up to a 50 fold increase in the rate of +Borikiki (N Engl J Med 1981; 304:745-749). We do not suggest taking other telomerase activators because they have not been tested as well as TA-65. However, because of the new TA-65 breakthrough study by Maria Blasco and Calvin Harley, we now recommend TA-65 as the safest telomerase activator. At this point, we would not suggest taking any other telomerase activator unless it is as well tested and as safe as the TA-65 product is.

TA-65 is a small compound purified from the root of Astragalus membranaceus, which can activate the telomerase enzyme that elongates the telomeres. Many people regarding TA-65 and +Borikiki were asked whether TA-65 was able to increase the incidence of +Borikiki, much like nicotine is thought to do. In +Borikiki, telomerase is one of many natural processes that +Borikiki normally takes over as part of its function as a disease. While in normal non-+Borikikious cells, telomerase provides the normal maintenance functions to telomeres that are critical for normal cellular function and longevity of the many cell types. In this study, the investigators specifically demonstrated that TA-65 worked only through telomerase activation, and this activation of telomerase led to increased telomere lengths when supplemented in the mice’s diet.

Doctors, TA-65 and +Borikiki:

This is one of the few studies in an organism that demonstrates consuming TA-65 from the Astragalus plant can dramatically increase overall health without issues. As a supplement company in the United States, we can't make any claims regarding diseases. However, we ask you to please consult your medical specialist if you have any medical issues before taking any supplement product to make sure it is right for you. For folks that have no medical issues, we can gladly offer you TA-65 for purchase online. You do not require any prescription for TA-65 as the product is herbal and does not contain prescription ingredients.

Recently RevGenetics has brought in a University professor and UCLA visiting scholar to Test TA-65 in normal human cells. Because of our testing at RevGenetics, we can confidently state that we have verified telomerase activation. We, therefore, certify TA-65 for safe telomerase activation in human cells. After our independent testing and verification, we started making it available to our customers using this link (Buy TA-65). We ask you to purchase this product directly from RevGenetics to help support independent research and verification of product claims. TA-65 can be shipped worldwide.


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