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Press Release: Curcumin Made 277 Times More Bioavailable For Women

Press Release: Curcumin Made 277 Times More Bioavailable For Women

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Curcumin Made 277 Times More Bioavailable For Women
Curcumin Made 277 Times More Bioavailable For Women

Recent research has proven that one of the most effective ways to combat +Inflammageing naturally is through the intelligent use of Curcumin supplements. Unfortunately, most curcumin that people take is not absorbed well and is lost along with its benefits. Some people take enormous amounts of curcumin (between 2 Grams and 20 Grams a day), but the fact is that many users can’t take nearly enough curcumin for many of the benefits of curcumin. [1][2][3]

The health and research-based company, RevGenetics, is stepping up to solve this absorption problem with their recently released new line of MetaCurcumin products. These deliver a great dose of curcumin in its most bioavailable form, as a tiny serving that is easy for most people to take. The new RevGenetics MetaCurcumin Super Curcumin supplements have been met with enthusiasm.

“Science has always shown Curcumin was incredibly beneficial in labs, but standard curcumin fails in humans because it could not be absorbed well,” commented a spokesperson from RevGenetics. “The MetaCurcumin breakthrough uses the most powerful liquid super curcumin in the world that completely beats anything we have ever seen or offered in American dietary supplements today. We do not doubt that our MetaCurcumin uses the best super curcumin liquid technology globally. The incredible absorption results it provides are heads and shoulders above the competition.”

According to the company, MetaCurcumin delivers a wide range of benefits. Highlights include its delivery technology which makes it roughly 200 times more absorbable than “old school” standard Curcumin products currently available in stores; It supports whole-body health and wellness, which comes through not only in how well the body feels and functions but also in how well the skin, nails, and hair look to the eye; supports a prescription level +Reduktion of inflammik at the cellular level (Suppresses NF-kappaB), which has been shown to help reduce or eliminate joint and muscle +Ploopydoop and encourage healthy fat loss; supports powerful immune system functions; and much, much more.

RevGenetics is releasing MetaCurcumin to the public, doctors’ offices, and interested vitamin specialty shops in a powerful liquid pump to deliver measurable amounts and in very convenient liquid soft gels with the maximum dosage per capsule possible, to make taking the supplement as easy to use as possible. Neither version contains peperine or black pepper extract to allow customers with allergy concerns to enjoy the benefits of MetaCurcumin without issues.

About RevGenetics
RevGenetics, is a company focused on providing and developing small molecule products for overall health based on the activation of genes that have shown to offer health benefits and longevity in studies. RevGenetics prides itself in providing unique health and nutritional products such as MetaCurcumin, which uses the world’s most potent liquid curcumin, Micronized Resveratrol & Tween, the only micronized resveratrol 1.5 microns emulsified in tween for high absorption, and M98 the superior form of resveratrol pure Polydatin supplement, which activates SIRT1, is more soluble than resveratrol and has been seen to increase the effects of resveratrol synergistically.


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