How anti-aging properties in skin are affected by Resveratrol

How anti-aging properties in skin are affected by Resveratrol

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 Resveratrol Anti-aging PropertiesIn an article released ahead of press in the Journal of Gerontology, a group of scientists reports that treating a human fibroblast cells line (a cell found on our skin tissue) demonstrated a delay in aging (Journal of Gerontology A Biol Sci Med Sci., 2010 Sep 24). The fibroblast cell line (called MRC5), was not only able to replicate more than the control cells (in other words delay cellular aging) but it also maintained a more youthful cellular appearance as measured by its DNA content and increases in its nuclear size.

The authors also reported that not only were the cells delaying aging but were also more resistant to DNA oxidative damage. With regards to the mechanism of action used by resveratrol, the authors discuss the activation of sirtuin proteins being involved. Given the fact that sirtuin targets: histones and p53 proteins were deacetylated at a higher frequency than the control cells.

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