TA-65 Data Shows It Is Dramatically Better

TA-65 Data Shows It Is Dramatically Better

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RevGenetics has been the top independent researcher of TA-65 products outside of TA Sciences. Recently we were given access to exciting unpublished data that TA Sciences has been collecting behind the scenes.

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Quick Summary Of This News:

  • TA Sciences provides RevGenetics with new data
  • Data shows TA-65 bioavailability beat 98% Cycloastragenol
  • Dr. Valenzuela talks about FDA Bioavailability Benchmarks Used
  • Valenzuela explains how similar products can be different
  • Valenzuela charts TA-65 compared To Cycloastragenol
  • Data shows TA-65 provides up to 50-fold more!
  • Cost comparison change due to new data:
  • TA-65 is more bioavailable than high-cost 98% Cycloastragenol
  • TA-65 is 6.8 times cheaper than low-cost 50% Cycloastragenol due to the increased 50-fold higher levels
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What data was provided to RevGenetics?

TA Sciences gave us full access to previously unpublished human pharmacokinetic (PK) blood data. Below, Dr. Valenzuela summarizes why this PK data is so important.

As president of RevGenetics, I am proud to provide this information to our customers and friends who have trusted us to offer them our recommendations based on the latest scientific data.

I also appreciate Noel Thomas Patton for providing his time and the data that excited us about the best-tested telomerase activator TA-65.

RevGenetics Reviews The TA-65 Scientific Data From TA Sciences
Commentary on Data by Hector Valenzuela, Ph.D.

Hector Valenzuela, Ph.D.
Hector Valenzuela, Ph.D. – Professor and researcher on small molecule gene research and discovery.

Our initial tests: Here at RevGenetics, we strive to verify the quality of our products and others that we recommend bringing the best product to our customers. To this end, we had TA-65, determined its main ingredient, and decided to promote this product.

HPLC Chromatograph
HPLC Chromatograph Used Identify components in a mixture

Additional data from TA Sciences: After meeting with TA Sciences, which owns the rights to TA-65, we were provided with further studies and permission to show the significant difference in the effectiveness of various products' bioavailability in comparison to TA-65, and we would like to share this information with our customers.

First, however, we need to frame this information:

Benchmarks used by the FDA: First, we must remember that the FDA does not regulate natural compounds as drugs. However, the standards used by the FDA to compare drug effectiveness are still very applicable for comparing natural compounds' effectiveness. With this in mind, according to the FDA's guidance for industry for orally administered drug products, the bioavailability of a drug (in our case, a natural compound) is defined as the rate and extent to which the active ingredient is absorbed from a drug product and becomes available at the site of action (Reference 1).

In other words, a compound that is digested must get into the bloodstream and reach the target cells in your body to have a positive effect.

If a compound does not reach the target cells, that compound will be of no value. In this context, bioavailability refers to the compound's ability to get the target cells in meaningful concentrations.

Determining meaningful concentrations: Compounds in the serum can be measured by drawing blood from an individual. You want to keep three parameters in mind when looking at studies of this nature. First, how high is the peak blood serum level, the time-to-peak blood serum level, and finally, what is the area under the curve?

You may ask yourself, what does this all mean?

Keeping it simple: In essence, these are indicators of bioavailability; if more significant amounts of the compound survive your digestive tract and get into your bloodstream, then it is more likely that a smaller amount of the mixture will be required to have a desirable effect and the effect may be for a more extended period.

Why can similar products be quite different: How can similar compounds have other bioavailability effects? There are various methods to increase the delivery efficiency of a mixture. Most revolve around adding additional compounds that modify and improve the effectiveness. This appears to be the case for TA-65. The following graph illustrates various cycloastragenol-containing compounds' bioavailability in the serum. It is pretty evident from the graph that TA-65 reaches the highest levels of cycloastragenol in the serum.

TA-65 vs CycloastragenolFurthermore, two hours after consumption, TA-65 had higher serum levels than the other compounds and peaked after five hours. Finally, the area under the graph represents the collective amount of cycloastragenol found in the serum, which was far greater than the other compounds.

Dramatically better: The results are more dramatic because the capsules of TA-65 contain less cycloastragenol than the 50 mg 98% pure cycloastragenol and yet account for a much higher amount of cycloastragenol in the serum. The calculated area under the curve indicates that TA-65 had 50-fold more elevated levels of cycloastragenol in the blood serum than the 50% pure cycloastragenol capsules.

Summary of data: Although all the compared compounds contain cycloastragenol that could be detected in the serum, it is clear that TA-65 had the highest levels of cycloastragenol. The unique formulation of TA-65 appears to allow a more significant amount of cycloastragenol to reach the bloodstream and, therefore, more likely to exert its positive effects on its target cells. We believe the formulation has been successful because TA Sciences has spent over ten years focused on developing and improving the bioavailability of TA-65.

We hope this new data will help clarify questions about our recommended TA-65 products.

More to come,
In our following newsletter, we will provide the list of studies on TA-65 that have provided us with compelling reasons to recommend TA-65 as our best and only telomerase activator.

Cost Comparisons Regarding TA-65
Further Commentary by Anthony Loera, President of RevGenetics

After reviewing the new TA Sciences data with our Chief Science Officer, It dawned on me why TA-65 was quickly the preferred product of the others.

From a purity and bioavailability standpoint:
50mg of 98% pure material, as shown in the chart, would be less bioavailable than 16mg of TA-65 with its unique formulation.

From a cost perspective:
Even the cheap 50% material (the cheaper raw material on the market) will not stack up to TA-65.

A typical person would likely need to purchase $1500 of a 50% Cycloastragenol product sold at about $30 a bottle (Yes, you would need to buy 50 bottles!) to come close to what a single $219 (30 capsule) bottle of TA-65 would provide (from a bioavailability standpoint as shown on the chart).

Why we recommend TA-65:
Using the new data, we believe that. Hands down, TA-65 is simply the best-tested telomerase activator we have researched. We firmly believe it to be the leader simply because of its proven bioavailability over high purity material, telomerase activation, ongoing studies, and comparatively low cost.

Like thousands of our friends, you may add TA-65 to your regimen after reading this newsletter. Please do so by following this link to support our research. Without you supporting us, we would not be able to provide new data like that presented here:

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