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Why Choose RevGenetics? For over 17 years, we have specialized in powerful gene activation, recovery, and unique supplements. We have thousands of satisfied customers that give us a 4 or 5 star rating and we ship worldwide.

Why Do Researchers (And People in General) Love Our Products?

RevGenetics: Leading the Way in Micronized Resveratrol and Gene-Activating Supplements

At RevGenetics, we go beyond the conventional vitamin and mineral supplements. Our focus is specialized; we excel in crafting genetic competitive advantage supplements aimed at both athlete longevity and general longevity.

We are committed to delivering the purest resveratrol and the most effective micelle nano liquid curcumin supplements available on the market. Our uniqueness lies not only in the high-quality ingredients but also in our advanced absorption techniques. Through meticulous processes like true micronization, nano-particles, micelles, and emulsification, we set new standards in supplement efficacy.

Another cutting-edge product we offer is the TA-65 activator. It has been proven to activate telomerase in live cells. We went the extra mile by lab-testing TA-65 on human samples to ensure its effectiveness in activating telomerase, even before TA verified these benefits in their 2016 human clinical study. We are this rigorous because we are consumers of these longevity supplements ourselves and are committed to offering only the best.

We continue leading the way, as many of our materials are provided to researchers and prospective Ph.D. students in their efforts to unlock some of the mysteries of longevity.

We have provided free samples and materials to researchers, and when asked we still help provide the materials many use in their university laboratories, animal studies and even some human clinical studies.

We have even traveled directly to see scientists when we hear of a potentially amazing discovery. Much like when we went to interview a Professor in Paris that believes C60 can be a potential longevity material.

Unlock Longevity with Advanced NMN and TA-65 Telomerase Supplements from RevGenetics

At RevGenetics, we take longevity seriously, and our product line reflects this commitment. We proudly offer a suite of cutting-edge supplements, including Super Micronized Resveratrol Nitro250, Pure MicroResveratrol™ Ingredient 500mg capsules, Advanced NMN, and clinically-proven TA-65 human telomerase activators.

Our high-absorption Super Micronized Resveratrol has demonstrated positive impacts on quality of life in animal models and has also shown promising results in human clinical studies. However, we never stop innovating; we've transitioned to using an even more effective type of Resveratrol.

TA-65 stands out as another cornerstone of our offerings. We tested this ourselves as our CSO Dr. Valenzuela Ph.D. was trained at Geron while at UCLA and knew exactly how to test telomerase activating materials. Our CSO verified the product activation of Telomerase, and we then offered it to our customers.

Now, It has been scientifically verified to activate telomerase in both live cells and humans as it has gone through human trails.

Last but not least, MetaCurcumin boasts an absorption rate 277 times higher than standard curcumin and even outperforms other liposome curcumin products.

Furthermore, it activates more Sirtuins than resveratrol and leverages micelle technology, making it the second most powerful natural senolytic according to a 2018 study*.

Our new offerings include Nano-Quercetin and Nano-Tetrahydro curcumin. No one else on earth offers these products.

RevGenetics: The Pioneer in Longevity Supplements

RevGenetics has a storied history of being a pioneer in the field of longevity supplements. We were the first to achieve numerous milestones that set us apart in the industry:


  • Introduced the first 500mg capsule of Resveratrol in 2007, when Costco was selling 1mg for >$30 and made other businesses upset. Then 7 years later vindicated as the New York Academy of Sciences sided with a larger dose (450mg) rather than 1mg or even 50mg. Today everyone has 500mg Resveratrol.
  • Verified the activation of Sirtuins through Biomol.
  • Launched First Super Micronized Resveratrol (1-2 microns) in 2009.
  • Became First supplement company to offer TA-65 online.
  • Created First light and nitrogen-protected capsules for Super Micronized Resveratrol to ensure long storage.
  • Introduced cellular cleaning compounds even before the term 'Senolytic' became popular, named Mastergene P16.
  • Pioneered high-absorption Curcumin formulations, evolving from 7x Sky Curcumin to a 277x micelle solution.
  • Released Advanced NMN to our customers in 2016.
  • Offered real Spermidine products with over 1mg per capsule.
  • Developed unique Nano-Quercetin in micelles, still unmatched in the market.
  • Launched a micelle and ionophore-powered Zinc capsule using nano-quercetin.
  • Innovated M98 with new active absorption Resveratrol.
  • Produced First Nano-Tetrahydro curcumin in liquid capsules, a unique offering.
  • Became First to provide cellular NAD tests online, verifying the efficacy of your NAD+ products.

If you've been following us since 2007, you understand why we're committed to high-quality longevity products. If you're new to our brand, feel free to email us to learn why we are passionate about what we do.

Anthony Loera



Founder of RevGenetics

Originally a 12-year consultant who lead projects for companies such as Merck Pharmaceuticals, Microsoft, Kaplan, and Vitas Hospice. He currently leads and manages the vision for RevGenetics in its aims to combat aging through gene activation. "I have seen the pain and toll that a loved one in hospice care produces. RevGenetics was created to help find a way to help limit that experience as much as possible. We fund this ongoing research by providing the public some of the best gene activating molecules tested. We do this research for your family as well as for ours."

- Anthony Loera

Dr. Hector Valenzuela Ph.D.


Chief Science Officer

Scientific Researcher With UCLA Published Studies

Chief Science Advisor, Professor and researcher on small molecule gene research and discovery. Has lectured in year-long team-taught courses at UCLA entitled “Frontiers of Human Aging: Biomedical, Social, and Policy Perspectives” and “Biology of Cellular Aging and Disease.” He had a postdoctoral position at UCLA through a National Institute of Health Tumor Cell Biology Fellowship. Ph.D. in Experimental Pathology, UCLA; B.S., San Diego State University.

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