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Resveratrol Stops Acne

Resveratrol Stops Acne

Resveratrol stops acne

Resveratrol Benefits the Skin

In 1997 researchers made the astonishing discovery that resveratrol when applied to the skin of mice reduced the incidence of skin tumors by 98%. This discovery initiated a word-wide research on this compound, which continues to amaze. A few weeks ago, a group from UCLA added another beneficial function that resveratrol has on the skin.

Resveratrol slows the growth of acne-causing bacteria

Dr. Emma Taylor’s team discovered that resveratrol was found to enhance the effects of acne medication used to treat bacterium that causes acne (Dermatology and Therapy, DOI: 10.1007/s13555-014-0063-0). The researchers measured the death rate of the bacteria by treating them with benzoyl peroxide, an acne medication.

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Resveratrol lasts longer than acne medication

Resvertrol Stops Acne

Resveratrol enhances acne medication

The team observed that the bacteria did indeed die from this treatment but that the treatment’s effectiveness was short-lived lasting less than a day. The researchers also treated the bacteria with resveratrol and observed that resveratrol did not necessarily lead to death of the bacterium that causes acne but rather slowed bacterium growth for several days. The research team classified this phenomenon as a long-term effect.

Resveratrol + Acne Medication shows best results

The researchers then compared a combination treatment of resveratrol and benzoyl peroxide, and observed a dramatic reduction in bacteria growth and an increase in the killing of bacteria. It now appears that resveratrol may be used as a new therapeutic option for treating acne.

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