Bitcoins Accepted Here

Bitcoins Accepted Here

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RevGenetics is accepting Bitcoins payments at this time, to allow our customers another way to pay for the extraordinary supplements we provide.

We came to the decision after seeing how the security of Bitcoins allows for completely secure transactions, that other forms of payment may not be able to match.

We also noticed that the US Government allows this currency as long as security and exchanges meet regulatory guidelines.

In essence the US Government has allowed the virtual currency to be used and regulated like other forms of currency.

Why are Bitcoins accepted here at RevGenetics?

Although we don't expect many of our customers to have Bitcoins to spend, we do like the technology that allows for an easy exchange of international currency, for our international customers. We expect that as time goes by, the Bitcoin economy will be accepted by more countries and be allowed to be used in commerce around the world.

Where do I find companies like RevGenetics, who offer “Bitcoins accepted here” ?

We have created a Google Plus community that we believe can be a valuable resource for people looking to see what companies are offering this Bitcoin payment option. We believe that although there are very few companies at the present, the list will grow over time.

I was on your site, how do I purchase using my Bitcoins?

At the present time, we haven't automated the Bitcoin sale process like we have done with credit cards or Paypal. We will be working on that in the near future. In the meantime, if you wish to purchase our products using Bitcoins, simply select the products and checkout like you normally would.

In the checkout process, instead of selecting the “Credit Card” option, please select the option that says “Check/MoneyOrder or Bitcoin” as shown in the image below:

Once this option is selected and you click on the Place Order button, you will be taken to an instructions page that provides our Bitcoin account to send your payment to.

If this is your first time using Bitcoins, you will first need to create a Bitcoin account at (or similar service) and fund it with Bitcoins. It works very much like Paypal.

Once you have funded your account, you would simply send money to our account, and email us your order number, to verify payment and ship off your products.

Can you make this easier?

Yes it could be much easier, and we are working on a simpler system for  having Bitcoins accepted here. However for now, we will accept Bitcoins as a payment for our products, and when it becomes easier we will update our system.

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