Buckyballs and Olive Oil Increase Lifespan

Buckyballs and Olive Oil Increase Lifespan

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Buckyballs Breakthrough Study:

In April a study was published by the University of Paris. Initially the study was going to test the toxicity of a material called fullerene (also known as Buckyballs) that was dissolved in Olive Oil, however something completely unexpected happened… the rats taking the material did not die of toxicity. The control rats that ate food and water died when they reached their normal life span. However, the rats taking the Fullerene (Buckyballs) dissolved in Olive oil nearly doubled their lifespan. These rats took the dissolved fullerene in Olive Oil and outlived the control mice by almost a complete lifespan. In fact when the first of the control mice died, all rats where taken off of fullerene and olive oil and where expected to die. This study is a breakthrough because, even after the rats stopped taking fullerene, the rats did not die and continued to live for second complete life span, making this mixture the most powerful and effective antiaging agent known. The scientists that completed this study have stated within it's conclusions the following about the Olive oil and Bucky ball treatment “It can be thought that a longer treatment could have generated even longer lifespans”.

Fullerene consists of pure carbon that is shaped in a geodesic sphere, and is about 1 nanometer in size. This material is naturally found in soot, but the material used in the experiment was made in a laboratory, free from impurities.

Buckyballs commentary from Dr. Hector Valenzuela Ph.D:

When asked about the latest study from Paris, Dr. Hector Valenzuela Ph.D emailed us the following:

“Buckyballs resemble a soccer ball made from 60 carbon atoms (C60). The physical properties of buckyballs made them a medical curiosity many years ago because they are physically inert (they will not react with anything and are therefore believed to be harmless), are strong and lightweight and could work as molecular cages. However, because they are made of carbon atoms joined in a perfect symmetry and chemically inert, other compounds that are unstable stick to these molecules like glue. Since free radicals are extremely unstable molecules it has been shown repeatedly that buckyballs are extremely good at “cleaning up” free radicals in rodents studies. They have been documented to be 10-100x more effective as an antioxidant than vitamin E. In a previous Alzheimer’s study done in rodents treated with buckyballs, the rodents developed Alzheimer’s disease later in life and as a consequence lived longer (PNAS, 1997).

The problem with buckyballs is that because they are inert they do not dissolve in water. There are several things that are interesting of about this current paper called ‘The prolongation of the lifespan of rats by repeated oral administration of (60) fullerene' which was recently published (2012), one is the simple and elegant solution of dissolving the buckyballs in something else that is also harmless, which was olive oil. Naturally, the other remarkable observation of this paper is that by providing the rodents with the buckyballs the oxidative stress (due to free radicals) was reduced to such a low level that the rodents nearly double their lifespan. The third, is the ease to which the body can then eliminate the buckyballs in a few hours. This last point maybe very important because there still remains to be confirmed that buckyballs are truly harmless (although several studies seem to indicate so). – Yours Truly, Dr V.”

What is next for Buckyballs?

Are Buckyballs dissolved in Olive oil the next big beauty breakthrough? At this time we do not know, but we are sure you will be seeing Bucky Balls added to antiaging skin creams soon.

Update 11/04/2012: Please stay tuned to our new sister site C60.net regarding Fullerenes, Bucky Balls and C60 Olive Oil products and information that stem from this breakthrough study.


Video: Buckyballs and Olive Oil Increase Lifespan

Listen to the comments of Dr. Valenzuela in article by clicking on the video – This video is about the Buckyballs and Olive Oil study that doubled the lifespan of rats.

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