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Anthony Loera,RevGenetics

“Why do I recommend Bioenhanced TA-65? In the past TA-65 was priced at thousands of dollars and out of reach for most people. Now it has a new lower price, its new low dose formulation has better absorption (up to 50x more potent than the original formulation) and the 2016 human study shows that you need less than previously thought. All these things make it a good option for most healthy people.”

With Telomerase Activation, You May Discover:

The following news and studies mentions research done in animals and people in labs. Patented TA-65 from Astragalus is found in few products, however we do not claim the products will act exactly in the same manner as in the studies, as some studies may need more research. We only present the information for your consideration on the independent lab studies we have found interesting.

Since RevGenetics is a dietary supplement company we need to provide the following FDA statement before providing the results from the University studies: (*The Mandatory FDA Disclaimer: The following statements you are about to read below have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The supplements mentioned, made and used in laboratory studies on this page are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease).

Telomere Lengthening

In the 2016, a group of men and women consuming different dosage concentrations of TA-65 were observed for a one-year span with telomere measurements taken at different time points and contrasted to individuals taking the placebo capsule.

The authors of this article very cleverly elected to gauge the telomere length of people that are CMV positive. CMV is a herpes virus that is very common in the US population; by some valuations 80% of adults over the age of 50 are positive. The rationale for studying CMV positive people is that this infection has been indicated to induce aging characteristics at a swifter rate than those people that are not CMV positive. In this way, alterations in telomere length caused by TA-65 would be more perceivable and simpler to identify. 

Surprisingly, the researchers noticed that TA- 65 at smaller doses (the same dosage level originally proposed and offered by RevGenetics way back in 2013 https://goo.gl/BGkrAE) led to a statistical increase of telomere length but the higher dosages (4 times higher than our proposed dosage at RevGenetics), did not bolster telomere length.

Collectively these new observations added to the older reports suggest that TA-65 can statistically extend telomeres and the wellness advantages of having longer telomeres may now be linked to people's well being and not just individual cells. Substantiating what many have suspected for many years.

(Rejuvenation Research, March 2016)

Dr Hector Valenzuela PhD

About our expert: Dr. Hector Valenzuela Ph.D.

Our expert is a research professor and science advisor for RevGenetics. He was a UCLA Visiting Scholar, is a published researcher in science journals and he is one of the few professors that has helped the National Institutes of Health (NIH) decide which grants should be funded. In 2013 he provided a summary of the TA-65 study for us after it was published. The benefits provided in this webpage come from his summary of the study that used the original TA-65 (250 unit) capsules.

What People Are Saying

Roger Daltrey,Singer, The Who

“I have been interested in alternative medicine since the early days of my career. Maintaining good health through the stresses and strains of touring and singing with The Who requires enormous stamina. I was recommended TA-65® by a good friend and decided to try it. After taking TA-65® for one year I noticed considerable improvement in energy levels. Colds and winter infections have been a rarity. Recently I took a 6 week break from taking the product, and noticed significant energy drop off. Although to my knowledge the evidence of benefit to everyone is not proven, I have no doubt that this product works for me, I hope it does the same for you.”

TA-65 100u lower price
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