ProxyStem: Stem Cell Pro Support Targets 8 Areas Of Research

Proxystem Stem Cell Pro

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A Stem Cell Pro Formula that targets 8 areas of research:
  • The AMPK Gene. In UCLA study, researchers showed in an animal model that by increasing the amount of AMPK in the body, they could increase healthy lifespan by approximately 30%
  • mTOR Inhibition.  mTor inhibition has extended mouse mean lifespan by 33%.
  • Nrf2. The guardian of health-span and gatekeeper of species longevity, Nrf2 plays an essential role in supporting Stem Cell health.
  • ProInflammatory Pathways. Age-associated inflammation inhibits stem cell function. A reduction in Inflammation is proposed to be a primary mechanism by which dietary restriction promotes longevity and health-span.

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  • Endothelial Cell Health. Endothelial cells residing in the coronary arteries can function as cardiac stem cells to produce new heart muscle tissue. The heart has long been considered to be an organ without regenerative potential.
  • Oxidative Stress Protection. Oxidative stress is particularly relevant to stem cells because it damages all cellular macromolecules, including DNA. One of the major endothelium-derived factors that help to protect against atherosclerosis, nitric oxide, is rapidly deactivated by superoxide radical.
  • Mitochondrial Health and Function. Mitochondrial function has a profound impact on the aging process. Mitochondrial dysfunction can accelerate aging in mammals. Mitochondria are exposed to the constant generation of oxidant species, and yet the organelle remains functional due to the existence of an armamentarium of antioxidant defense systems
  • Catalase. Several ingredients in ProxyStem have been shown to increase the activity of Catalase, a major Antioxidant enzyme which not only positively impacts Stem Cell health and functional lifespan, but has also been shown in multiple studies to increase both median and maximum Lifespan in a mammal model
  • Healthy Artery Support. ProxyStem includes a new ingredient that has been shown in a recent mammal study to dissolve cholesterol crystals in mice*. The ingredient is called Beta-cyclodextrin and is used in combination with other ingredients to help absorption.
  • Biogenesis. We have added PQQ, as it triggers "Mitochondrial Biogenesis" that increases the number of mitochondria in cells, these are the powerhouses of your cells. Since the "energy hungry" organs are your brain and heart we believe these will benefit greatly from PQQ.
Anthony Loera,RevGenetics

“ProxyStem ingredients not only increases the amount of telomerase protein that cells make when they are in a state of Telomerase Activation, but it targets cell energy Biogenesis with PQQ, plus it supports fast reflexes, great memory and 8 different areas of stem cell health research. Currently it is the most advanced formula we have seen on the market. I personally take this and think it is one of our best longevity based products.”

Proxystem Stem Cell Pro
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