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TetraCurcumin: Nano Super Curcumin - Ships April

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TetraCurcumin: Nano Tetrahydro Curcumin

Pre-Sale. Ships April.

(Our first bottles and capsules will be different than shown).

Arm yourself with the ultimate defense against oxidative stress: Nano Super Curcumin. Featuring patented Curcumin C3 Reduct, the world's most cutting-edge curcumin extract now combined with RevGenetics nano liposome and micelle technology.

RevGenetics has nano-sized Tetra Hydro Curcumin for the ultimate absorption supplement. No one else gives you Tetra Hydro Curcumin nano-sized to 10 nanometers in liposomes and micelles.

Nano-sized Curcuminoids is what the latest research recommends, and we are the first to offer these high-level, research-recommended, non-staining, highly active nano tetrahydro curcumin to the public. We deliver 95% tetrahydro-curcuminoids (THCs) for powerful antioxidant protection. Take control of your health with Advanced Nano Tetrahydro-Curcumin. Dare to make the leap!

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