NEW Nitro 500 Synergy Resveratrol With Up To 25x Solubility Nitro500-front
NEW Nitro 500 Synergy Resveratrol With Up To 25x Solubility Nitro500-F
NEW Nitro 500 Synergy Resveratrol With Up To 25x Solubility Nitro500-G
NEW Nitro 500 Synergy Resveratrol With Up To 25x Solubility Nitro500-R
NEW Nitro 500 Synergy Resveratrol With Up To 25x Solubility Nitro500-L
NEW Nitro 500 Synergy Resveratrol With Up To 25x Solubility Nitro500-Vegetarian-SuperAbsorptionResveratrol-FACTS

NEW Nitro 500 Synergy Resveratrol With Up To 25x Solubility


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Popular Questions

What is the "SynergyAbsorption Resveratrol" used in this product?

Our Synergy Absorption formula with Super Micronized Resveratrol and M98 Complete Resveratrol is extracted to not only have pure Trans-Resveratrol, Trans-Resveratrol-O-3-Glucoside (M98 Resveratrol, aka: Piceid) that is tested per capsule, but additionally keeps natural resveratrols & stilbenoids complex as part of the natural extraction used for this new material. This is what gives its natural color instead of the typical white color that pure M98 Complete has in our powder jars. The Synergy Absorption extract provides a whole resveratrol stilbenoids complex that we believe plays an important part in our new Nitro500 formulation .

Label will be different than is shown to reflect the new formula. This new Synergy Absorption formula is a Vegetarian product with both Super Micronized Resveratrol And naturally extracted M98 Complete Resveratrol as part of a whole resveratrol stilbenoids complex. 

TrueMicronized™ Technology Is Now Combined With M98 Resveratrol Complete Plus With Up To 25x (2500%) The Solubility Over Standard Resveratrol plus . 

Vegetarian Capsules Use Micronized Resveratrol And M98 Resveratrol Complete For High Absorption And Bio-Availability. - With resveratrol particles as small as 1-2 Microns - Using Pharmaceutical Grade 99% Pure Resveratrol. Our trans-resveratrol was tested by Biomol in 2008 and shown to activate Sirt1 (1).

RevGenetics Trans-Resveratrol has been used in two human studies: The Human PCOS Study(2) and the Vascular function study (3)*

Glucoside and Micron Delivery System, in vegetarian capsule. Each capsule contains 500mg Formulation Of Trans-Resveratrol and Trans-Resveratrol-3-O-glucoside (M98 Resveratrol). Both Resveratrol molecules in this product come from the Polygonum Cuspidatum plant. Both activate SIRT1, but only Trans-Resveratrol-3-O-glucoside (M98 Resveratrol Complete) lasts much longer in your system with a half-life close to 4 hours, and only M98 Resveratrol Complete is absorbed both passively and actively. Super Micronized Resveratrol is mostly absorbed passively. The Trans-Resveratrol has been super micronized, and the particle reduced to Sirtris Resveratrol standards to increase effectiveness and absorption. One (1) Nitro Synergy Capsule is powerful because of both active and passive absorption.

We have formulated the vegetarian capsule for a long half-life (about 4 hours), high solubility, and absorption, as there is no doubt this is key for any resveratrol benefits.

What is Nitro Synergy for? We make it available for overall health with high absorption. As a dietary supplement, we do not any medical claims, we only assure a high absorption for you to have the best super resveratrol available. The following mentions research done on animals and labs. We do not claim our products will act similarly in regular people. As a dietary supplement company, we only present the information for your consideration.

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Resveratrol Dosage: Because of the estimated increase in solubility and absorption that we fashioned after Sirtris resveratrol, we recommend only 1 capsule a day.

Why new formula provides 500mg of the Sirtris Resveratrol-like product? About 70% of the resveratrol dose given orally as a pill is absorbed; nevertheless, the oral bioavailability of resveratrol is low because it is rapidly metabolized in the intestines and liver into conjugated forms: glucuronate and sulfonate.[1] tests could detect only trace amounts (below 5 ng/mL) of unchanged resveratrol in the blood after 25 mg oral dose.[1] Even when a very large dose of regular resveratrol (2.5 and 5g) was given as an uncoated pill, the concentration of resveratrol in blood was only 2.4umol/L.[2] 

With our new formulation, we not only have super micronized resveratrol absorbed passively but the M98 Resveratro Complete is now absorbed actively as part of a whole resveratrol stilbenoids complex. The combination provides the best Resveratrol capsule RevGenetics has ever made, with up to 25x the solubility and high absorption.

[1]."High absorption but very low bioavailability of oral resveratrol in humans". Walle T, Hsieh F, DeLegge MH, Oatis JE, Walle UK (2004). [2]. "Phase I Dose Escalation Pharmacokinetic Study in Healthy Volunteers of Resveratrol, a Potential +Borikiki Chemopreventive Agent." David J. Boocock, et al. (2007).

What about the stability of Micronized Resveratrol? Each individual capsule of the Nitro Resveratrol (Nitro500) product, uses a vegetarian capsule protected for long-term storage. It does not matter if you take the capsules out from bottles or decide to transfer them to another container.

The M98 Resveratrol Complete (M98-RC) in this product is estimated to be absorbed virtually completely (98.4% metabolized) compared to regular resveratrol 3,4. While dry M98 super micronized resveratrol increases absorption when used with different emulsifiers (between 3x to 10x depending on the emulsifier used), the M98 micronized resveratrol is still mainly passively absorbed by a single cellular transport system and is limited.

RevGenetics has decided to help provide complete active and passive absorption, using a type of trans resveratrol supplement that is absorbed passively with a much higher solubility and actively through glucose transports. It helps provide both complete active and passive absorption methods.

The M98 Resveratrol Complete is absorbed using both active and passive cellular transport systems, is 25x more soluble*, and has a much longer half-life (approx. 4 hours) 1 than standard resveratrol. This means that M98 Resveratrol Complete not only is absorbed phenomenally well but lasts much much longer than standard resveratrol (approx. 8-14 minutes) 5, activating the Sirtuin longevity genes in the process.


Is this M98 Resveratrol Complete (M98-RC) completely water-soluble? 

No, the M98 Resveratrol Complete is not fully water-soluble, but it is much more soluble than standard resveratrol. When our resveratrol powder supplement is mixed into drinks, you will still see particles in the drink or shake. However, this doesn't matter as the M98 Resveratrol Complete is absorbed through passive diffusion and active transport via sodium-dependent glucose transporter (SGLT1), mainly existing in the stomach and intestines 5.

Will M98 Resveratrol Complete (M98-RC) be completely absorbed? 

After reviewing the research in published journals, we believe it supports our belief that up to 98% can be absorbed, according to studies as Transepithelial transport of M98-RC clearly occurs with the favorable apparent permeability coefficient (Papp) about 10 x 10-6 cm/s for the apical to basolateral flux, suggesting virtually complete absorption of M98-RC in humans, with its combination of the active absorption along with regular passive absorption 7 .

What is M98 Resveratrol Complete for? 

We make it available for overall health with high absorption. As a dietary supplement, we do not any medical claims. We only assure a high absorption for you to have the best supplement available.

3 Pharm Biol, 2013; 51(11): 1347–1354 
4 J Agric Food Chem 57:4572 
5 Nat Rev Drug Discov, 2006, Jun; 5(6):493-506 
6 J Agric Food Chem 53:798–803. 
7 Pharm Res 14:763-766

Are there any cautions I should be aware of? In studies, resveratrol is suggested to be a weak inhibitor of the P4503A4 liver metabolism system, which is of unknown significance for humans. Taking large amounts of resveratrol may increase blood levels of drugs that CYP3A4 usually metabolizes. This means that calcium channel blockers, statins, immunosuppressant drugs, and erectile dysfunction drugs may increase blood levels. Please be cautious when taking resveratrol with anticoagulants or antiplatelet drugs. An increase in adenosine availability is involved in resveratrol cardioprotection in rats. It may be possible that an increase in adenosine can increase uric acid temporarily. As a caution, it is not recommended long-term for people with a genetic predisposition to Gout. 

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