TA-65 Study improves the signs of health and aging
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New TA-65 Study improves the signs and symptoms of health and aging

New TA-65 StudyNew TA-65 Study In 2013:

By Dr. Hector Valenzuela.

UPDATE 01/07/2014:
This product has been tested by RevGenetics on cells, however RevGenetics only provides it for its concentrated Astragalus benefits.

Telomeres, the structures at the ends of chromosomes, have been linked to many important biological functions. As our cells divide our telomeres shorten and when they reach a critical length the cell becomes unstable and generally, loses it’s ability to grow and is considered at this point old. That unfortunately is the best case scenario.

In other scenarios, the short telomeres can also cause DNA instabilities that can lead to various age-related diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases. To offset the telomere shortening, cells activate the enzyme telomerase, which can elongate the telomere DNA and delay the onset of aging and diseases that are caused by the telomere shortening. In spite of this, cells cannot constantly keep the telomerase enzyme active at all times and thus aging and the many age-related diseases eventually occur.

Understandably, scientists have actively researched the telomere and telomerase biology in the hopes of offsetting these negative outcomes. In recent years scientist have succeeded in finding natural and genetic methods to alter these biological processes and have begun testing in human volunteers.

Experimental set up for the new TA-65 study

In a new TA-65 study led by Calvin Harley, a group of individuals took part in a commercial age-management product that is primarily composed of TA-65, a natural plant extract that has been demonstrated to activate telomerase and improve the function of human cells. The results of the study were very encouraging but the study requires some explaining.

The subjects selected were individuals motivated in maintaining good health. Each subject was followed for 2.5 years and the biological parameters (cholesterol, blood pressure etc.) tested during treatment were compared to the baseline levels at the start of the new TA-65 study for each individual and not between individuals. In other words, the individuals maintained their own varied healthy lifestyles and changes that did occur might then be attributed to this new TA-65 study product that they were consuming. As mentioned, the results were very encouraging.

Results of the New TA-65 Study

Normally in the general population as we age, our fasting glucose and insulin levels increases with time which affects many organs and leads to many diseases in particular, diabetes. The subjects in this new TA-65 study, however, reversed this trend and restored levels equivalent to losing 11 years. Total cholesterol also dropped. Under the regimen taken by these individuals, the lowering of cholesterol is comparable to the amounts reached by individuals that are exercising and in a diet. However, since these individuals were already exercising this would be an added drop in the cholesterol.

The changes in blood pressure in the new TA-65 study were also very remarkable for the following reason. The blood pressure dropped after the first year. But because the person continues to age in long-term studies you normally would expect the blood pressure to flatten out or increase with time. This did not occur. The systolic blood pressure in particular continued to be reversed and the authors calculated the reversal to be equivalent to greater than thirty years! Naturally the authors pointed out that these trends could not possibly continue forever, but it would be very interesting to determine how many years of health this product could restore to the subjects if they were to continue with this product for longer periods of time.

Another health parameter tested in this new TA-65 study was bone density. Several volunteers had their spines bone density measured. As we age it is normal to lose ~ 0.5% of our bone mineral density. The subjects increased their bone mineral density by 2%.

As the authors concluded, this study provides additional evidence that TA-65 has a positive effect on our body’s health by reversing years of damage due to aging

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