MetaQuercetin SuperZ: Micelle + Ionophore Powered Zinc™.

Micelle Nano Quercetin + Zinc = SuperZ:

Quercetin Is a Proven Zinc Ionophore (It Transports Zinc Across The Cell Membrane), However Standard Quercetin Is Badly Absorbed In Your Body And Has Limited Results In Helping Zinc Absorption.


We Created SuperZ To Overcome This Limitation, Maximize Zinc Absorption Through The Cell Membrane, And Shuttle It To Where Its Needed The Most. We Use New Nano Technology (Nano Quercetin In Micelles) To Increase This Natural Zinc Ionophore Absorption. We Believe The High Absorption MetaQuercetin Can Easily Transport More Of Our SuperZ Zinc Across The Cell Membrane Better Than Any Comparable Amount Of Standard Low Absorption Quercetin. If You Want A Natural Zinc Ionophore That Supports A Powerful Natural Immune System Along With Your Good Sense Of Smell And Taste, Get SuperZ Maximum Zinc Today.

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Micelle Nano Technology

The same Micell Technology that powers MetaCurcumin to be 277x better than standard, also powers the Quercetin we use in this product.

Nano Particles

The Quercetin Nano particles are put in Micelle bubbles, which increases absorption phenomenally. We believe its the best Zinc Ionophore available.

Liquid And Encapsulated

This special formulation is all you need to boost your zinc, and maintain it level to support your natural great health and immune system. Try It Today.

Dominate Cellular Zinc

Zinc is terrible at getting into cells. It naturally will bounce off them unless there is a Ionophore present to transport it into the cells. SuperZ is Zinc's ticket in.

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