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Advanced NMN 1000 mg: 60 500mg Capsules


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Advanced NMN 1000.

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Advanced NMN is made for healthy customers who want the absolute best quality food available.

Pure Advanced NMN food is highly soluble, and humidity can cause it to clump over time and change so we have prefilled it into vegetable cellulose capsules to protect the powder from humidity and low pH environments (1.5 to 3.5) until it's used.

Two capsules provide 1000mg of Advanced NMN. Each bottle has 60 Capsules, as each Advanced NMN protected powder capsule comes pre-filled with 500mg of stabilized pure Advanced NMN powder. It allows for an easy way to measure the amount of Advanced NMN food you want to take, whether with a drink or in your food. Our recommendation is to take 1 a day with a drink or dust contents over food.

This Is A RevGenetics Clean Label Product: This product only contains the vegetable cellulose HPMC, the vegetarian capsule material, and Nicotinamide Advanced Mononucleotide. We do not add any magnesium stearates, rice flour, strange unpronounceable fillers, or use gelatin of any kind in this vegetarian product.

RevGenetics Advanced NMN Stability Study - 24 months

Advanced NMN Stability And Storage: Our Advanced NMN material has undergone a 24 Month stability study with a perfect outcome. Advance NMN raw material samples were stored in an environment under conditions of 25°C±2°C and 60%± 10% relative humidity.

Our Advanced NMN samples went from 99.85% to 99.03% purity and 99.84% to 99.01 during the 24 months. This confirms our suggestion to keep our Advanced NMN powder in a room that is 76 degrees or lower to be assured the Advanced NMN protected powder will last 2 years. We guarantee the purity of this product to your doorstep or your money back.

Popular Questions

Has there been an Advanced NMN Human Study? Yes, Advanced NMN Food Has Been Shown To Increase NAD+ In A Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Advanced NMN Human Study. Using 150mg daily, the study evaluated 66 healthy subjects between 40 and 65 years of age who were provided 150mg of Advanced NMN daily in regular capsules. They took the Advanced NMN food capsules once a day, in the morning for 60 days.

On day 30, the Advanced NMN food capsules Group showed a significant rise, by 11.3% of NAD+/ NADH levels in the tested serum, while the placebo pill group showed no change whatsoever. At the end of the research study, on day 60, the NAD+/ NADH amounts in the tested serum were boosted even more by 38% compared to the standard baseline, versus a plain 14.3% in the placebo pill group[1].

Why Purchase From RevGenetics? Because we offer low-dose 50mg, 500mg powder in humidity protected capsules, and Advanced NMN Water-soluble powder in a jar with a scoop that provides about 170mg of Advanced NMN so that you can make the best individual decision for your regimen. Part of your purchase today helps contribute to ongoing research and collaboration RevGenetics does with researchers.

Does this product increase NAD?

Anthony Loera (50 years old and the President of RevGenetics) has taken these Advanced NMN food capsules and has doubled the optimal amount of NAD that is normally found at his age. While every person is different, and Advanced NMN may work better for some people and not for others, this preliminary test shown below shows that the President of RevGenetics believes it may help many people increase their NAD+.

RevGenetics has been selling Advanced NMN since 2016, producing products under GMP. Results are not typical because only Anthony was tested when he wanted to know if the Advanced NMN would work for him. You can order your own Intracellular test here to see if it may work for you (See the Cellular NAD Lab Test we used).

Our Advanced NMN studied opinion article is available here, with commentary explanations written by Dr. Valenzuela, Ph.D.:

Could An NAD Supplement Reverse Aging?

Money-Back 30-Day Guarantee: Yes, starting today (05/25/2021), new orders will be covered by our RevGenetics 30-day money-back guarantee. You can return this product and the unused portion within 30 days for any reason for a full refund (shipping not included).

Do not take this food or any other of our regular supplements if you have any illness without first consulting with your physician. By purchasing our products, you assure us that you are healthy and will consult your physician before taking them.

Assured Guarantee And Quality: This product is made in a cGMP manufacturing facility in the USA, and we guarantee 99% purity when you receive it at your door. The COA of this Advanced NMN is provided by a 3rd party lab that has thoroughly tested the RevGenetics Advanced NMN. The COA shows both identity testing and purity in the same line, on the COA.

How long have humans taken Advanced NMN as a component of an ingredient or food?

We sell this food as it is found to be a component of multiple safe harbor ingredients people have taken for millennia. This is self-evident as the SLC12A8 gene, the specific Advanced NMN transporter in our bodies, evolved to help transport Advanced NMN from the foods we ate sometime in the last 300,000 years. Advanced NMN is a food, according to the accepted GRAS by the FDA in 2018.

[1] doi: 10.3389/fragi.2022.851698

FDA Disclaimer: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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