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Can Resveratrol Really Help You Lose Weight?

Can Resveratrol Really Help You Lose Weight?

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Resveratrol made headlines in 2006; this substance was researched by Scientists who concluded the results of a study of overfed mice who stopped gaining additional weight from the resveratrol substance. The mice became fit and healthier and slowed their aging with resveratrol. Now scientists have been researching and looking for how these results can be used and reflected in human use. Resveratrol is found in Red Wine and in the skin of grapes in tiny amounts and grape juice. However, the amount of wine you would have to drink is about 500 bottles daily, which isn't possible. Also, eating large amounts of grapes and drinking gallons of grape juice daily can provide too many calories and sugar, which are the things we try to avoid when losing weight.

Taking Resveratrol for Weight Loss

Another alternative is taking a resveratrol supplement. Not only can this supplement help produce weight loss it can also help prevent anti-aging. Studies have found that you can use resveratrol to help speed up your metabolism to help you burn more calories throughout the day. A study in Spain (Food Chemistry, 2013) showed that in animals, researchers observed that only muscle tissues in mice treated with resveratrol had increased the amount of a protein called UC, a regulator of thermogenesis. With a combination of diet and exercise, a resveratrol supplement can help you lose weight.

Every weight loss program does not work out for everyone, but resveratrol is just another option for people to try another weight loss method that could work for them. The epidemic of obesity in Americans has been growing and is still growing. Many people have been categorized as obese and diagnosed with health problems ranging from heart disease, sleep apnea, diabetes, and many more severe problems. This is because of America's poor health and dietary habits. With the lack of healthy eating habits and regular exercise, Americans' health habits have worsened. We also know that as you get older, your body makes it more challenging to lose weight. The fat tissues seem difficult to manage, and the exercise you once did to lose weight doesn't seem to work as well any longer. This is part of aging, and resveratrol also appears to help.

Scientific Studies on Resveratrol's Potential for Weight Loss

In 2014, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine made available its summary of findings in an abstract presented at the 2014 ADA 74th Scientific Session in San Francisco. The study used RevGenetics Resveratrol. The study was conducted using a randomized, double-blind placebo methodology in human subjects, not animals. Among many things, the study found that Adiponectin, a hormone used for fat breakdown, was shown to have increased whole fat in human subjects by 53% using RevGenetics Resveratrol.

Some scientists believe that resveratrol can be a solution to this problem of unhealthy eating. Then Asia began selling the first dietary supplement for resveratrol some years ago. The supplements are believed to help weight loss with resveratrol, and many think it can decrease obesity. This is done by reducing the number of calories from the daily foods we intake. When resveratrol is combined with diet and exercise, resveratrol can the help to get us over the hump when we're trying to lose weight.

Resveratrol in Wine

Many testimonials have said that the resveratrol supplements have had a significant outcome with success with a weight loss program. Everyone wants to live longer, look younger, and be healthier, right? Taking a resveratrol supplement may be a good idea. Since red wine is one of the primary sources of resveratrol because of the flavonoids in the red grapes. The red grapes are where the highest quality of the resveratrol substance is located, and you would need to eat large amounts of it daily. Many doctors recommend you take resveratrol supplements and pills instead.

As for wine, we know that alcohol should only be consumed in moderation, and too much alcohol consumption can disrupt your health and mental acuity. Another helpful factor is that resveratrol modulates estrogen. Estrogen, which is suppressed, can decrease body fat and increase muscle mass. This is another reason why resveratrol supplements may provide excellent weight loss results. A resveratrol diet in recent studies has concluded that resveratrol diets may counter diabetes and insulin resistance. These are also two known culprits of obesity.

Adding Resveratrol to Your Diet

Many people interested in the resveratrol diet are unaware of what it is. For starters, you have to first purchase a resveratrol supplement. When using resveratrol diet supplements, you must take one to two capsules daily every morning with your daily vitamin regimen or one capsule at each meal. You will next have to change your daily calorie intake.

Resveratrol's Effects on Hormones and Insulin

Regarding hormones and insulin, another study that used RevGenetics Resveratrol was completed in 2016 (Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, doi: 10.1210/jc.2016-1858). This was a double-blind placebo study on women who seemed to have issues with hormones because of a disease called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS. In general, hormonal imbalances for women (and men) can cause different conditions ranging in severity from skin disorders and sleep apnea to infertility, diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer. The exact cause of PCOS remains unknown, but research has focused on the overproduction of hormones from specific areas.

So what did resveratrol do? This study demonstrated that resveratrol could lower the overproduction of hormone levels by up to 23.1%. In addition, this study showed that resveratrol also had a 31.8% decrease in fasting insulin levels and an increase in the insulin sensitivity index.

Resveratrol for Weight Loss

So how should you proceed to start a new weight loss habit? First, whether you're a male or female will determine your daily calorie intake. You will also have to limit your carbohydrate intake. Try not to consume sugary or starchy carbohydrates after 6 pm. Eat often, do not overeat, and try 5 small meals daily. Increasing your protein should be followed as well. Increasing fluids and drinking a gallon of water a day would be excellent.

Lastly, get active; following a regular exercise plan will be very beneficial to your weight loss goals combined with the resveratrol supplements like RevGenetics Resveratrol that has been used in at least two double-blind placebo-controlled studies with excellent results.

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