New Stem Cell Pro IV: ProxyStem Core Formula With PQQ

Our 4th Generation Stem Cell Pro, Providing Actives Tested In Labs That Show Promise:

Our 4th Generation Stem Cell Pro formula, ProxyStem, is made by longevity specialists.

We have added new ingredients such as Ashwaganda, Niacin, PQQ, Melatonin, and Lithium for superior brain performance support, along with Vitamins K1, K2, D3, and the best Folate on the market called "5-methyltetrahydrofolate," along with many other top ingredients to maintain excellent cellular health and boosted Melatonin for a great nights sleep.

Take it 2 hours before bed. Try it today!

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Stem Cell Research Actives

The actives in this product have been shown in labs to activate genes beneficial to Stem Cells*. We have now added new ingredients for a more complete Stem Cell Pro Supplement!

Genes & Mitochondria

Lab actives have shown cell benefits with AMPK, mTOR, Nrf2, Mitochondrial Biogenesis & more*. We suggest taking this at nighttime because of the Melatonin we boosted and because it is best when your body is recovering during sleep.

Senolytics & NAD

Lab actives have shown a delay in senescent phenotype and NAD support*. Slowing senescent phenotypes allows for a longer use of existing healthy cells.

Clean Label Supplement

This product does not contain strange additional ingredients, only HPMC and the pure actives.

We are proud to make this one of our Clean Label Products, that contain only good ingredients without strange fillers.

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