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Vimmortal™ - Escape Velocity Nutrition™


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Vitamins Perfected. OUT OF STOCK. This special formula was developed using the knowledge, experience, and feedback of volunteer contributors.

Contains vitamins in non-harmful dosages, designed for long-term nutrition. Including rare components like Lithium, Lycopene, Lutein, Chromium, K1, and K2

Escape Velocity Nutrition™ Brings Everyday Nutrition For People, Who's Aim Is A Long Life Without The Risk Of Being Affected By Vitamins In Large Doses That Can Be Harmful Over Time. 

RevGenetics brings you:

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This mix can not gain you an unlimited lifespan, but it can help you stay healthy* until cutting-edge research provides the breakthroughs that will help end aging. Visit the growing, historic movement of Advocates & Researchers for Longevity at to learn more.

What is in your core multi-vitamin?

Vimmortal Ingredients

This special formula was developed using the knowledge, experience and feedback of volunteer contributors.

Vitamin Notes & Forms:
Most vitamin manufacturers do not provide the elemental forms of vitamins for you to take, instead, the current standard is to provide you the amounts of each material that has a certain amount of the vitamin without notifying you of purity changes that are normal for each batch of 'raw material'. When creating this multi-vitamin, we were asked why we did not want to formulate it using existing standards since each batch had different purity, instead of asking for elemental values. We held to our own standards and decided elemental values were preferred over the 'standard' whenever possible. We hope our customers appreciate our decision and the forms of some of our vitamins that appear to allow for better absorption over the standard and cheaper forms available.

We will provide more information to help you understand why the forms we used may be some of the best on the market for many of the vitamin materials we used in our Vimmortal Multivitamin formulation.

With each purchase made of Vimmortal™, you help provide funds for research and the advocacy of life extension through science.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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