M98 Resveratrol Complete™ And M98 Super Micronized™.

Only RevGenetics Makes M98 Resveratrol Complete™ And M98 Super Micronized Resveratrol™:

The M98 Super Micronized Resveratrol™ Has A Particle Size Between 1-2 Microns, A Short Half Life, And Absorbed Passively Through A Single Transport System. We Began Making Super Micronized M98 In 2008.

In 2021 we decided to help provide complete active and passive absorption, using a type of trans-Resveratrol that is absorbed passively with a much higher solubility and actively through a glucose transport. This is why we say Complete Absorption Resveratrol™ on the jar. It helps provide both complete active and passive absorption methods.

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The M98 Resveratrol Complete™ (M98-RC) Uses Both An Active And A Passive Transport System, Has A Long Half Life, And 25x More Soluble Than Regular Resveratrol, And Completely Better Than Our Old Micronized M98* if you only had to choose one type of resveratrol on a daily basis.

We believe that M98 Resveratrol Complete™ (M98-RC) overcomes many issues by using the complete methods of absorption, and not just a single method that standard low absorption resveratrol molecules use. Sign up to be notified on manufacturer discounts on these fantastic products. These Products Are Pharmaceutical Grade 98% Pure With No Additives, Flow Agents Or Fillers.

98% Pure Trans-Resveratrol

Both Trans-Resveratrol types used in these products have been tested by a third party lab for purity.

M98 Synergy: If you have older M98 and want to try the new M98 Resveratrol Complete. We suggest taking both using a 3:1 ratio (3 parts M98-RC to 1 part M98), this should work well.

Super Absorption Is Key

To increase passive absorption, RevGenetics super micronized resveratrol in 2008, the original M98 Resveratrol was born.

In 2021 we decided to help provide complete absorption using a Resveratrol that enters the cell via both passive and active transports using glucose carriers*.

Best For The Morning Shake

Add normal M98 to any thick liquid to increase its 2.2x estimated absorption over standard resveratrol or get M98 Reseveratrol Complete (M98-RC) and get the best absorption available with or without an emulsion or thick shake*.

Clean Label Supplement

These products do not contain strange additional ingredients, Each product contains only a type of pure Trans-Resveratrol that is found in nature.

M98 Resveratrol Complete™ and Complete Absorption Resveratrol™ are both trademarks of RevGenetics

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