Micronized Resveratrol


The electron microscope photos compare our micronized resveratrol
against other popular resveratrol products that use 99% pure resveratrol.


RevGenetics Micronized Trans-Resveratrol powder has a particle size of 1.5 microns, and is absorbed up to 220% compared to regular Resveratrol supplements that average between 149 to 224microns[1]. When Micronized Resveratrol is combined with Tween we can see up to a 1000% absorption increase when compared to regular resveratrol. The comparision of regular resveratrol and the special micronized resveratrol increases are shown in the chart below.

The Nitro250 contains our world renowned Micronized Resveratrol and Tween formulation.

With increased absorption, you will simply need to take less. Try our bulk powder or our nitrogen protected Licaps
® capsule in our Nitro250 bottle. We are the only provider of Licaps® with micronized resveratrol that measures an averageof 1.5 microns. These Licaps® are protected from light, heat, and oxygen with a nitrogen bubble in each individual capsule. They provide 250mg of resveratrol. 

Quick Fact:

The term "Micronized" typically is used for powder particles under 30 microns in size, and typically is used for marketing if a particle size is not specified on the label. Make sure your micronized product label states a particle size of 1-2 microns on the label. Our micronized products all state the particle size right on the front of the label.

[1]The estimate is based on a study from USPTO Document #20060292099. The absorption study made public by Westphal, the CEO of Sirtris, shows the following absorption chart comparing resveratrol against micronized resveratrol. Our estimate is based on non-micronized resveratrol found in supplements vs micronized resveratrol. We are only interested in the absorption studies, and are not infringing on any patent claims as we only sell an herbal trans-resveratrol extract. We are not associated with Westphal or Sirtris in anyway, but do appreciate the absorption studies made available publicly through this document.

What is micronized resveratrol?

Micronized resveratrol is small enough to pass through the tiny mucous membranes, and has properties that normal resveratrol does not. A particle size between 1 - 4 microns is smaller than what most water filters can stop. One micron is 70-100 times smaller than the width of a human hair, and easily absorbed by your body.

RevGenetics Is it! We have checked our competition over time. The fact is that no other supplement maker is offering independently verified particle size of 1-2 microns in their "Micronized" products, or state the particle size on the label to help you compare. If you do find a change in a competitor's label. Simply let us know, and we will try to compare the products for you. Google+ 

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