MetaCurcumin: Super Curcumin


The MetaCurcumin Bioavailability Guarantee:
If Our Curcumin Doesn't Beat Yours, Simply Return It Within 30 Days For A Full Refund Of Your Purchase.

MetaCurcumin products beat LEF's Super BIO-Curcumin® (Containing BCM-95®), Meriva®, Longvida®, Thermacumin, The Curcumin C3® Complex and of course Standard Curcumin regarding absorption. This product was made specifically to address curcumin's low bioavailability.

MetaCurcumin simply contains the most powerful liquid curcumin in the world to date. Specifically Made For High Absorption in women, but strong enough for men. RevGenetics MetaCurcumin simply beats all the rest shown in the bioavailability chart and high speed absorption chart.

MetaCurcumin is offered in a liquid pump as MetaCurcumin 200 with 300 servings and it is also offered in softgels as MetaCurcumin Maximum Strength. We also have a small trial size for those that want to taste the liquid before buying the large pump. Many also use the small trial sized pump when they travel because of it's small "travel size".

Is This One RevGenetics Aging Intervention Products?
MetaCurcumin is shown in our article called the Hallmarks of Aging & Interventions as one of our specialized products to combat aging. The article can be read here: (Hallmarks of Aging & Interventions)
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