MetaCurcumin: Super Curcumin

MetaCurcumin Products contain the most powerful liquid curcumin in the world. Specifically Made For High Absorption in women, but strong enough for men. We compare MetaCurcumin with many others in the charts below. RevGenetics MetaCurcumin simply beats all the rest shown in bioavailability

Who Does MetaCurcumin Beat In Bioavailability?
MetaCurcumin beats every curcumin product we have researched. The chart below shows that MetaCurcumin beats Bio-Curcumin® found in LEF's Super BIO-Curcumin (BCM-95®), Meriva® , Thermacumin, C3®  Complex and of course Standard Curcumin. 

Why Do You Provide The Different MetaCurcumin Products?

MetaCurcumin is offered as MetaCurcumin 200 with 300 servings and MetaCurcumin Maximum Strength:

MetaCurcumin 200, with 300 servings in a liquid pump for $60. This helps provide measurable doses of MetaCurcumin when a specific dose is required by the health community or your health trainer. It also is incredibly affordable as it contains 300 servings for $60.

MetaCurcumin Maximum Strength, with 60 Soft Gel capsules for $70. This provides the maximum dose in each capsule of MetaCurcumin. Each serving of MetaCurcumin Maximum Strength provides the same bioavailability as 46 (500 mg) capsules of standard curcumin in women. Why take 46 capsules a day, and spend money for 1380 capsules a month of standard curcumin? A single serving is cheaper, easier to swallow, and provides the powerful curcumin your body needs. This is the best choice to combat Inflammaging.

Is This One RevGenetics Aging Intervention Products?
MetaCurcumin is shown in our article called the Hallmarks of Aging & Interventions as one of our specialized products to combat aging. The article can be read here: (Hallmarks of Aging & Interventions)
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Hallmarks of aging