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Soda linked to Shorter Telomeres

Soda linked to shorter telomeres

Soda linked to shorter telomeres

What effect do shorter telomeres have on health?

There are a number of studies that have linked chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease to shorter telomeres. So it was no surprise when researchers determined that type-2 diabetes was also linked to shorter telomeres. However, the story of diabetes is not entirely clear given that there are not enough studies at the moment to determine if type-1 diabetes may also be linked to shorter telomeres. Therefore, questions regarding diabetes and telomere length remain, in particular, can telomere length induce diabetes or is diabetes causing telomeres to shorten? This question is partially addressed by a group of researchers who wondered whether sugar-sweetened beverages in our diet could lead to shortening of our telomeres (American Journal of Public Health, doi:10.2105/AJPH.2014.302151).

A study on Soda vs. Fruit Juice for telomere length

Specifically, a research collaboration between different laboratories from UC San Francisco, UC Berkeley and Stanford University, tested whether the telomere lengths of cells from our blood could be linked to regular consumption of sweetened beverages. The researchers examined regular consumption of sweetened beverages by healthy individuals that did not have a history of diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. They compared the telomere length of cells taken from the blood of healthy individuals who consumed either sugar-sweetened soda, 100% fruit juice or diet sodas on a regular basis. Interestingly, the researchers did observe an association between shorter telomeres with sugar-sweetened soda drinking individuals and longer telomeres were linked to 100% fruit juice consumption drinking individuals. Indicating that the type of sugar may play a role in the development of the disease.

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What about Diet Soda?

In addition, the researchers found no links to telomeres length and diet soda consumption. The authors concluded that regular consumption of sugar-sweetened soda might influence development of disease (such as diabetes) through an accelerated aging mechanism.

Soda is linked to shorter telomeres

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 Now What?

Time to lay off the soda and/or activate your telomerase to delay the telomere shortening induced by the soda. Our favorite product for activating telomerase is TA-65.

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