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Resveratrol and Alzheimers

Currently, 58 human trials have proposed to the National Institute of Health (NIH) involving resveratrol. Many of those studies are either ongoing, concluded or are currently recruiting volunteer in order to begin. One such study in phase 2 soon to begin, involves treating patients with Alzheimer’s disease with resveratrol. The basis for such trials is largely because of the positive results obtained in many smaller studies such as on mice like the one recently published in the journal Age (Age, Published online Nov. 7, 2012). In this study the researchers used a mouse model that is genetically selected to develop Alzheimer’s disease down to the gene and abnormal protein level. Remarkably, long-term resveratrol treatment of the mice led to a 33% increased mean life expectancy and a 20% increase in maximal life span when compared to the control mice. In addition, among other observations resveratrol reduced cognitive impairment and had neuroprotective role such as decreasing the amyloid burden, a trademark feature of Alzheimer’s disease. The authors conclude that more studies should be conducted on Alzheimer’s disease models to clarify the role of resveratrol, and that is exactly what the resveratrol phase 2 clinical trials on humans intends to do.

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