Telomere Length Affects Bipolar Disorder? – TA-65

Telomere Length Affects Bipolar Disorder?

TA-65 affects telomere length, a positive Bipolar consideration

TA-65 affects telomere length, a positive Bipolar considerationDoes Telomere Length Affects Bipolar Disorder?

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Telomere shortening in the cells of our blood (a.k.a., our immune cells) from patients suffering from chronic stress, dementias, psychiatric disorders or from Alzheimer’s disease have been documented by many studies. If TA-65 affects telomere length, this may prove to be a new avenue of study.

Bipolar disorder has also been determined to accelerate telomere shortening. Although these studies are very interesting, very few of these studies have focused on providing us with information that can be utilized in a useful matter, until now.

Study Shows Telomere Length Affects Bipolar Disorder

In a recent study, researchers wanted to determine if patients suffering from bipolar disorder and treated with lithium would also affect the telomere length of their blood cells (Translational Psychiatry, May 2013). The researchers report that patients treated with lithium not only had fewer episodes of depression but also had 35% longer telomeres than the controls. Although lithium is not thought to increase telomere length like TA-65 affects telomere length, the Lithium drug appears to maintain it long and prevent telomeres from becoming shortened in a faster amount of time than those without Lithium drug treatment.

This is a remarkable study for several reasons. This is the first study to demonstrate lithium treated patients have longer telomeres and better outcome. Second, by measuring telomere length and linking it to patient outcome the researchers have found a method to ascertain outcome of disease with a physiological marker that can be measured.

Telomere Length Affects Bipolar Disorder And Helps Treatments

In other words, they can measure telomere length and determine if the treatment is also working and going in the right direction or if an alternative treatment should be pursued. Although more research clearly needs to be done, it appears that researchers continue to find new uses for telomeres length as an important biomarker of our health.

TA-65 affects telomere length

In a recent study done at UCLA with the help of RevGenetics, it was proved that TA-65 activated telomerase in human cells of different people. We regarding any positive news of telomere length a positive consideration as we believe that TA-65 affects telomere length through the transient activation of telomerase.

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