Resveratrol & Calorie Restriction – Resveratrol Reviewed

Resveratrol & Calorie Restriction

It seems that resveratrol is making inroads with the mainstream media. In case you haven’t seen it, Dr. Oz was on the Oprah show, talking about different ways to reverse the aging process. For the average person, there are two main ways to minimize the signs of aging. One is caloric restriction, which is a diet that allows about 30% fewer calories than your average diet. Choosing nutrient dense foods that are lower in fat will allow you to take in fewer calories, while still maintaining nutrient balance for the body. It’s not a “starvation diet” at all! In fact, in experiments with mice and monkeys, a CR diet has been shown to increase lifespan.

You may be wondering: Will it work for people? A lot of us are trying it, and they are singing the praises of a calorie-restricted diet. But, not everyone has the self-discipline to stick with such a strict eating plan. Science is searching for an alternative, and it may have been found, in the form of resveratrol. It may activate the same “longevity gene”, (the SiRT1) as a calorie-restrictive diet. When he appeared on the Oprah show, Dr. Oz said that he felt resveratrol was safe, but he urged people to carefully research it before taking it.

The good news about resveratrol is spreading! You don’t always have to rely on commercial medications….Nature has its own ways of helping us feel better and live longer. Finally, the rest of the world is finding out what some have known for generations.

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