How Resveratrol Burns More Calories – Resveratrol Reviewed

How Resveratrol Burns More Calories

How resveratrol burns more calories

How resveratrol burns more calories

How resveratrol burns more calories

Resveratrol affects a wide range of biological pathways that can affect our health in many ways, including controlling our body weight.

It has been observed that resveratrol can influence our metabolisms by “simulating” a lower calorie diet within our body, without actually cutting calories in our diet. Although researchers have discovered many factors to how resveratrol can control our body weight, these factors do not fully explain all observations made. In essence, resveratrol burns more calories.

How resveratrol burns more calories according to study


In a recent study, researchers from Spain made new observations that may help explain some of the previous discrepancies (Food Chemistry, 2013). Researchers took two groups of rats and fed both groups a high calorie diet; with the only difference that one group was also supplemented with resveratrol for six weeks.

To understand how resveratrol burns more calories, at the end of the six weeks, tissues from the leg muscles of the rodents were taken and several keys genes that modulate metabolism and thermogenesis (generation of heat) were measured. The researcher took tissue from the legs because these tissues are major regulators of our body temperature. With this in mind, the researchers observed that only muscle tissues in mice treated with resveratrol had increased the amount of a protein called UCP, a major regulator of thermogenesis.

UCP is how resveratrol burns more calories

This was a novel discovery largely because this may help explain how resveratrol treatment may contribute to increased whole-body energy dissipation, in other words, resveratrol lowers our body-fat by helping our muscles dissipating it as heat. Resveratrol may become a hot way to lose weight, in the fullest sense, since resveratrol burns more calories than without it.

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