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RG-Cell: Stem Cell Serum For Skin Care


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RG-Cell: Stem Cell Serum For Skin Care RG-Cell Replaces Many Cosmetics. TimeSlip RG-CELL ® Concentrated Restorative Skin Serum is the hottest, breakthrough, anti-aging, skin treatment method cosmeceutical to reach the marketplace. It uses a one-of-a-kind exclusive fusion of stem cell activators designed to preserve your skin and clearly fight damage at the cell level.

Each and every hard-working factor within RG-Cell ® Concentrated Restorative Serum teams up synergistically, drawing cellular action for invigorated collagen, elastin, laminins and various body skin health proteins. Just what we end up with, is a solution that revitalizes, mends and tones up mistreated skin. 

RGCELL's Key Rh-Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) attained by genetic engineering systems totally equivalent to all-natural EGF, recognized as a "ELEGANCE FACTOR", increases and manages stem cell spreading. Because of its recombinant systems it is absolutely safe compared with various other products that utilize human-derived stem cells. The advancement of EGF earned Stanley Cohen of Vanderbilt University a Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1986. Rh-EGF has now develop into the very first choice to do away with wrinkle without the unfavorable reactions of Botox Treatment option. RG-Cell Scientifically Tried and tested Anti-Aging and Anti-Wrinkling Skin Care This is Scientifically Confirmed Skin Health Care!

The outstanding final results of 2 new research investigations validate the conveniences of TimeSlip RG-CELL ® Cosmeceuticals showing that RG-CELL Concentrated Restorative Serum functions at the cellular level, notably increasing Collagen Type I and Collagen Type III Expression in in-vitro fibroblasts culture. Stem Cell Skin Care From RG-Cell Information on how it Functions RG-Cell ® is the initial cosmeceutical with the power to switch on aged and inactive stem cells in an all-natural way and refresh your skin to a much better, more youthful appearance. RG-Cell ® Concentrated Restorative Serum includes EGF a cellular activator, and skin healthy protein which instructs aging skin to boost up its repair method. It's topical application embodies the future of scientific skin health care and is founded on 10 years of biotechnology experimentation.

RG-Cell ® Concentrated Restorative Serum additionally showcases an unique and exclusive blend of stem cell activators each selected as a result of their scientifically confirmed ability to tap into our skin's stem cells. Revitalizing your latent stem cells and enlisting the use of your own individual skin cells is certainly the most reliable approach for skin revitalization as well as remodeling. This specific remarkable strategy promotes fibroblast formation of collagen, thus enhancing skin suppleness and suppleness.

The conclusion is, a renewed skin structure, a soft tone, decreased redness and a sleeker, silkier, much more vivid and more youthful looking skin. Stem Cell Skin Care Collagen Generation Instilled utilizing a fusion of particularly reliable anti-oxidants and the moisture capturing Hyaluronic Acid, RG-Cell ® stem cell skin care serum also encourages to revitalize radiance and suppleness and to boost the skin's immune capability to protect from future aging.

Note: No Artificial Colourings-- No Artificial Fragrances-- No Mineral Oil-- No Parabens-- No Animal By-products-- No Bleaching & Deodorizing agents-- No harmful ingredients

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