NITRO Resveratrol: Super Micronized Resveratrol

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Nitro Super Micronized Resveratrol Nitro250

250 Mg Per Serving - 30 Servings - 30 Nitrogen Gas Liquid Capsules

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BBB A+ Rated

BBB A+ Rated - Made In The USA

Super Micronized Resveratrol In 30 Liquid 250mg Capsules (Nitro250):
  • TrueMicronized™. Superior Micronized Emulsified Technology With Up To 10x (1000%) The Absorption Over Standard Resveratrol Using Resveratrol With An Average Particles Size Of 1.5 Microns (D50).
  • Pure.  Using Pharmaceutical Grade 99% Pure Resveratrol.
  • Uses EU Organic Ingredient. The Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract (Resveratrol) Used By RevGenetics In All Our Resveratrol Products Is An EU Organic Certified Produced Ingredient.
  • A Quality Previously Tested To Activate SIRT1. Made with RevGenetics high quality Resveratrol. The only quality of commercial resveratrol proven by Biomol to activate SIRT1 (link).

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Micronized Resveratrol Chart
  • Nitrogen Gas Capsule. RevGenetics protects the micronized resveratrol by encapsulating it in a nitrogen only environment. Each capsule remains protected for years with a nitrogen bubble within each capsule.
  • Compare Absorption. The chart is compiled from study from USPTO Document #20060292099. The absorption study was made public by Westphal, the CEO of Sirtris, for Sirtris resveratrol. We are only interested in the absorption studies, and are not infringing on any patent claims as we only sell an herbal trans-resveratrol extract emulsified in our formulation and not a drug.
  • Activates More Than You Think. RevGenetics Resveratrol Has Been Lab Tested To Activate SIRT1, SIRT2, SIRT4, SIRT5, Fox01, P53 And Many Other Longevity Genes. While 1 capsule maybe enough for many, we suggest taking no more than 500mg per every 50 lbs of body weight.
Anthony Loera,RevGenetics

“RevGenetics Nitro Resveratrol brings the best made Super Micronized Resveratrol together with an emulsification that has been shown to increase it's absorption up to 10 fold. This is not a vegetarian product as it was strictly made for high absorption using the best technology (Vegetarian capsules simply are much slower to dissolve). We offer it as our most technologically advanced resveratrol capsule. If you want the highest absorption of resveratrol over anything else, then this is the product you would get.”

Nitro Super Micronized Resveratrol Nitro250
Get The Nitro Super Micronized Resveratrol
Nitro250 $37.95

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