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Link to Longevity And Resveratrol News: July 2010

Importance of Telomeres:
It is common knowledge that stress is detrimental to our health since the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other disease markers increase with stressful experiences. In addition to disease, in the last few years stress has also been found to cause our health to undergo accelerated aging when cataloged by telomere length. In other words, stress can shorten our telomeres. Telomeres are the regions at the end of the chromosomes that stabilize our chromosome but which have also been viewed as “clocks” that determine how many more times a cell can divide. The time’s up (so-to-speak) for a cell when their telomeres become very short and the chromosome is no longer stable. Maintaining longer chromosomes result in our cells being able to “live” longer and as a result it is believed, we live longer as well.

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