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TA65 For Skin - Skin Cream (30ml) 

TA-65 Skin Cream
This skin cream contains the same molecule that has been proven to be a telomerase activator in humans:
  • The Only Skin Cream Containing A Tested Telomerase Activator. TA-65 For Skin is the only commercial product available that contains the patented molecule found in the TA65 capsules to lengthen telomeres in people.
  • The 30ml Bottle Contains The Bioenhanced And Patented TA-65. This skin formula is exclusively patented and provided to top doctors and skin care professionals.
  • Try One Bottle And Feel Supple Skin. The TA65 skin cream bottle contains 30ml of smooth skin cream. Use it daily and feel skin confident.

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Anthony Loera,RevGenetics

“We know that the TA-65 molecule works in capsules according to the recent 2016 human trial, now try the same molecule throughout your skin with TA-65 Skin Cream. Simply feel confident your skin is taken well care of. This powerful skin cream doesn't contain any sun screen, so please use sun screen when venturing out.”

Imagine your skin improving with what we know what Telomerase Activation does inside your body:

Fasting Glucose & Insulin Maintained

(When TA-65 is taken as a capsule) As you age fasting glucose and insulin levels increases with time which impacts lots of organs and causes numerous diseases in particular, diabetes. The subjects in a 2013 TA-65 research study, however, reversed this pattern and brought back levels equivalent to losing 11 ye.

Possible Cholesterol Advantage 

(When TA-65 is taken as a capsule) In the 2013 research study complete cholesterol went down. Under the program taken by the people, the reduction of cholesterol approached the amounts normally reached to by individuals that work out and diet. However, thinking about that the individuals were already exercising this would be an included decrease in the cholesterol.

What does Telomerase Activation Do To Skin?

Tissue Engineering 

In laboratories, transient telomerase expression in skin cells and with only a very small average telomere elongation resulted in a 50% increase in life span of human fibroblasts. This suggests a potentially safe use of telomerase in skin and tissue engineering*.

Wound Healing

In wound healing telomerase has been seen in a cellular replicative capacity taking advantage of the positive regulatory dynamics of cell growth. This shows that the regulation of telomerase activity may play an important role in granulation tissue formation in wound healing*.

Dr Hector Valenzuela PhD

About our expert: Dr. Hector Valenzuela Ph.D.

Our professional research specialist is a research study teacher and science consultant for RevGenetics. He was a UCLA Checking out Scholar, is a published researcher in science journals and he is among the couple of college teachers that has actually helped the National Institutes of Health (NIH) choose which grants should be funded. In 2013 he supplied a summary of the TA-65 study for us after it was released. The benefits provided in this web page come from his summary of the study that used the initial TA-65 (250 unit) pills that contains the same molecule used in the TA-65 Skin Cream.

What People Are Saying

Roger Daltrey,Singer, The Who

“I have been interested in alternative medicine since the early days of my career. Maintaining good health through the stresses and strains of touring and singing with The Who requires enormous stamina. I was recommended TA-65® by a good friend and decided to try it. After taking TA-65® for one year I noticed considerable improvement in energy levels. Colds and winter infections have been a rarity. Recently I took a 6 week break from taking the product, and noticed significant energy drop off. Although to my knowledge the evidence of benefit to everyone is not proven, I have no doubt that this product works for me, I hope it does the same for you.”

TA-65 Skin Cream
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