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Micronized Resveratrol and Tween 80 - 250mg

Micronized Resveratrol and Tween 80 - 250mg

Nitro250: Micronized Resveratrol 250mg


Live Longer, Enjoy More TM

Pharmaceutical Grade - High Absorption

Micronized Resveratrol & Tween 80
Nitro250 Resveratrol - Patented Licaps Nitrogen Capsules
250 mg Pure Micronized Trans-Resveratrol With Tween

(Per capsule - Lab Tested - Micronized to 1.5 Microns - 99% Purity) No prescription or doctor approval is required for the sale of this product. The product is herbal and does not contain prescription ingredients.

For Athletes And People 35 and Older - Take 1-2 Capsules Daily.

Is this Price Better Than GNC? That's a trick question. You see, GNC and all other large vitamin companies, do not reduce the particle size of the resveratrol or emulsify it in tween to maximize absorption per Sirtris animal findings (Click To See Chart). Micronized Resveratrol is resveratrol that has been reduced to a fine 1.5 micron powder to increase it's absorption. We were the first to produce Micronized Resveratrol to this specification. If you are looking for resveratrol products comparable to what you find in stores, please review the X500 (Resveratrol 500mg) This product beats GNC pricing as of 03/07/2013. 

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Liquid Micron Delivery System, in Nitrogen Gas Capsule.

Resveratrol 99% Powder - Each contains 250mg Trans-Resveratrol. The Resveratrol in this herbal supplement product comes from the Polygonum Cuspidatum plant. The Trans-Resveratrol has been micronized, and the particle reduced to increase effectiveness and absorption. Particle size for this product averages 1.5 microns.

High Absorption: Customer Testimonial (click to enlarge)

We help activate MasterGene P53 with resveratrol
, using the Liquid Micron Delivery System, in Nitrogen Gas Capsule. 1 Nitro250 Capsule is powerful enough to go head to head with our 1000mg 99% pure resveratrol capsules when it comes to absorption. We have formulated this capsule strictly for this high absorption, as there is not doubt this is key for any resveratrol benefits and P53 activation.

This is not a vegetarian liquid capsule, as the liquid vegetarian capsules actually slow absorption because of the beeswax contained in them. However if vegetarian capsules are of primary importance over absorption, please choose the vegetarian Micro500 resveratrol capsules that do not have tween 80.

The following mentions research done in animals and in labs. We do not claim our products will act in a similar fashion in regular people. As a dietary supplement company, we only present the information for your consideration.
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Notices per the BBB Guidelines and FTC Rules:

. This is a genuine testimonial.
. Testimonial is quoted in it's entirety.
. We believe consumers can generally expect one or more of Mark's results after a few months when combining this product with the healthy steps as mentioned by Mark, just check with your doctor first as genuine testimonials do not serve as medical advice.
. There is no material connection between RevGenetics and Mark, he simply orders and takes Nitro250 just like you would.

Micronized Resveratrol Absorption Chart

The data above was compiled from the original charts here: The first chart* here shows Micronized resveratrol absorption in yellow compared to a Liquid Resveratrol HPMC/DOSS emulsion in green. The second chart* here shows a Resveratrol HPMC/DOSS emulsion again in green but in this chart* it is now compared to a Liquid Resveratrol and Tween 80 emulsion in blue. The main chart above helps put both charts in perspective.

*The charts come from a study from USPTO Document #20060292099. The absorption study made public by Westphal, the CEO of Sirtris. We are only interested in the absorption studies, and are not infringing on any patent claims as we only sell an herbal trans-resveratrol extract and not a drug. We are not associated with Westphal or Sirtris in anyway, but do appreciate the absorption studies made available publicly through this document. Polysorbate 80 (also known as Tween 80, a registered trademark of ICIAmericas, Inc.). It is a common surfactant and emulsifier and is often used in foods and ice cream. It is a common emulsifier that has been mixed with resveratrol and mentioned since the late 1990's in various resveratrol published studies.

Tween 80 (Polysorbate 80):

Consumer Labs recognizes this as safe ingredient for supplements, and it is found in many CoQ10 supplements on their website. The FDA recognizes Tween 80 as a GRAS product. The designation (GRAS) means Generally Recognized As Safe. The GRAS designation is an FDA government designation that a chemical or substance added to food is considered safe by experts, and is exempted from the usual Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) food additive tolerance requirements.

We remind folks that the FDA also provides the safety requirements and laws for the manufacture of all supplements and pharmaceuticals including supplement GMP processes and regulations that all biotech, food and vitamin manufacturers must follow regarding medicine, dietary supplements, Ice cream and everyday foods.

Based on their safety record, Polysorbates are also approved for use in parenteral products. As a food additive, Tween 80 is used in many foods that you find in your favorite supermarket, some of them are listed here:
Gelatin Desserts, Ice Creams, Cottage Cheese, Pickles, Vitamins / Mineral Preparations, Shortenings, Whipped Toppings, Barbecue Sauce, etc. If it were found toxic by the FDA experts, it simply would not be allowed in any of our common foods such as ice cream, cottage cheese, pickles or others commonly eaten by adults and children alike.

If you have eaten a few of these things at a party or gathering, then you have already have had this safe product without knowing it. Our Nitro250 products are completely safe and provide a higher absorption than micronized resveratrol alone. We abide by both FDA GRAS safety as well as by the World Health Organization's recommendations for food and supplements.

Recommended Dosage:
Because of the estimated increased absorption, we recommend only 1 capsule a day.

The following mentions research done in animals and in labs. We do not claim our products will act in a similar fashion in regular people. As a dietary supplement company, we only present the information for your consideration.

Why 250mg Dose?
Because 100mg is fine for mice, but is simply much too low for humans:

About 70% of the resveratrol dose given orally as a pill is absorbed; nevertheless, oral bioavailability of resveratrol is low because it is rapidly metabolized in intestines and liver into conjugated forms: glucuronate and sulfonate. [1] Only trace amounts (below 5 ng/mL) of unchanged resveratrol could be detected in the blood after 25 mg oral dose.[1] Even when a very large dose of regular resveratrol (2.5 and 5g) was given as uncoated pill, the concentration of resveratrol in blood was only 2.4umol/L.[2]

We believe 250mg of Micronized resveratrol with tween 80 will allow greater absorption compared to regular resveratrol and to all of our other micronized resveratrol capsules without tween 80.

[1]."High absorption but very low bioavailability of oral resveratrol in humans". Walle T, Hsieh F, DeLegge MH, Oatis JE, Walle UK (2004).

[2]. "Phase I Dose Escalation Pharmacokinetic Study in Healthy Volunteers of Resveratrol, a Potential Cancer Chemopreventive Agent".
David J. Boocock, et al (2007).

What about the stability of Resveratrol?
Resveratrol has been found to be stable. The trans-form can undergo isomerisationto the cis-form when exposed to ultraviolet irradiation.[3]Trans-resveratrol in the powder form was found to be stable under "accelerated stability" conditions of 75% humidity and 40 degrees C in the presence of air. [4] Resveratrol content also stayed stable in the skins of grapes and pomace taken after fermentation and stored for a long period.[5]

Having explained resveratrol's good stability, we add that each individual capsule of the Nitro 250 product, is opaque and filled with nitrogen and protected for long term storage even if you take out the capsules from our bottles and decide to transfer them to another container. If long term storage is important, and you want the product to last more than 2 years even after opening the bottle, this is the product to purchase.

[3]."Direct HPLC Analysis of cis- and trans-Resveratrol and Piceid Isomersin Spanish Red Vitis vinifera Wines". Lamuela-Raventos, RM (1995).

"Resveratrol and its glycon piceid are stable polyphenols". Prokop J, Abrman P, Seligson AL, Sovak M (2006).

[5]. "Stability of resveratrol over time and in the various stages of grape transformation".
Bertelli AA, Gozzini A, Stradi R, Stella S, Bertelli A (1998).

Does It Work ?
Resveratrol is one of 3 supplements we are working on for longevity. Resveratrol is aimed at the P53 gene along with many other benefits.
Astral Fruit is aimed to produce a strong immune system and support DNA. A third supplement that we have not yet made available is aimed at the P16 gene. We believe maintaining these 3 genes in a healthy state will allow a person to naturally live healthier for a longer period of time. This article explains the importance of these 3 master genes, and a study in mice: News Article

We have looked through the literature, and there have only been small human studies regarding resveratrol. There are no clinical studies regarding longevity in humans, as it may take 20 years or more to produce a longevity study. The only thing we can do is discuss current animal studies, and see how they may or may not relate to humans. Because of all the positive information from hundreds of studies in animals and in lab cells, it is believed that this maybe one of the most complex and beneficial herbal supplements available.

What else is recommended to take with Nitro250?
In We currently recommend Sky Curcumin and the AT-90:

AT-90 is found here: (AT-90)
Sky Curcumin is found here: (Sky Curcumin)

Are there any cautions I should be aware of?
In studies, resveratrol is suggested to be a weak inhibitor of the P4503A4 liver metabolism system, which is of unknown significance for humans. Taking large amounts of resveratrol may increase blood levels of drugs that are usually metabolized by CYP3A4. This simply means that calcium channel blockers, statins, some immunosuppressant drugs, and erectile dysfunction drugs, may have increased blood levels. Please be cautious when taking resveratrol with anti coagulants or anti platelet drugs. An increase in adenosine availability is involved in resveratrol cardioprotection in rats. It maybe possible that an increase in adenosine can increase uric acid temporarily. As a caution, it is not recommended long term for people with a genetic pre-disposition to Gout.

We also advise the following:

* Keep out of reach and do not give to children.
* Do not exceed suggested maximum dose unless your doctor recommends it.
* If you have a bad reaction to the supplement discontinue use immediately.
*When undergoing treatment for any medical condition, are pregnant (or lactating) please inform your physician when using any nutritional supplements.

Product Summary:

* 250mg Micronized Trans-Resveratrol
* The only micronized resveratrol between 1-2 microns available.
* Estimated more effective over our regular and micronized resveratrol supplements.
* Non-Vegetarian capsules specifically chosen because of absorption requirements.
* Nitrogen gas protected capsules, to eliminate long term storage oxidation.
* Powder is independently tested in a United States laboratory for safety and purity.
* The product is herbal and does not contain prescription ingredients.
* Made in the USA.

Recurring Monthly Subscripton Products -Special Prices.
Recurring subscription products may have a lower price or free shipping, sometimes both! However, recurring products require accepting and keeping at least two consecutive deliveries and cannot be returned for a refund. Please purchase the single purchase product above if you are simply trying our products for the first time, as it qualifies for our 30 day money back guarantee. After making sure that our products are the best ones for you, you can then save money by simply choosing our recurring products.

*Based on absorption comparison tests using resveratrol and micronized resveratrol published in USPTO document 20060292099
Licaps and Licaps Design are trademarks used under license. 

If for any reason you are unhappy with RevGenetics capsule products, simply return the unused portion to us within 30 days of your purchase and we will send you a full refund for the item(s) purchase price. No Questions Asked. Our return and refund policy applies to all capsule products. Products such as loose powder, inert gas, cream or others not mentioned here cannot be returned or refunded at this time.

RevGenetics is a "Research and Materials" Provider to Universities and Government Institutions such as The National Institutes of Health and Aging.

RevGenetics has been verified by Dunn and Bradstreet - Provider of business credit to global financial institutions.

RevGenetics products are tested by AACL an Independent United States Laboratory in Illinois - Recognized As An International 17025 ISO Accredited Lab.

RevGenetics is FDA Registered - Our FDA approved product manufacturing facilities meet or exceed rigorous U.S. cGMP requirements.

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*The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Resveratrol and Astral Fruit supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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