Resveratrol Side Effects

Every supplement or medication that we take has its benefits and drawbacks.  Side effects are something to consider, no matter what substance you’re taking.  Every supplement has potential side effects.  This is especially true with newer supplements- such as resveratrol- that haven’t been extensively tested or studied in people.

Understand that not all side effects are undesirable.  Many previously introduced drugs have had positive (and unexpected) side effects.  For example, the well-known ED drug Viagra was originally intended to help men with heart disease.  It’s now the most prescribed ED drug worldwide.   That example may be a bit off-color, but it reinforces the idea that side effects can be either an asset or a liability.

As far as resveratrol is concerned, most reports of side effects are anecdotal- that is, they are based more on personal accounts than on medical studies.  With this lack of research, determining the benefits and risks is pretty tricky.

If you decide to take this supplement, consider that you may or may not experience one or more of these potentially negative effects.

  • Stomach cramping/diarrhea:  occurs more frequently in resveratrol formulas that are lower-concentration (50% or less), or of poor quality. (Which is why it’s very important to choose a high quality resveratrol supplement
  • Common: Decreased appetite (some may see that as a bad thing).
  • Infrequent: Some users report a jittery feeling (like a caffeine “buzz”) soon after ingestion.
  • Infrequent: Tingling or numbness in the arms, hands, legs and feet. This may happen soon after you take the supplement, but is said to last only a few minutes, and usually subsides after a few days of taking resveratrol.
  • Rare: Skin Patches: Although rare, skin patches on legs are sometimes reported by people.
  • Very Rare: Joint pain/arthritis: Very rare, but this may start or increase with higher doses of resveratrol at 2 grams or more.
  • Very Rare: Tendinitis pain (mostly in the Achilles tendon, but has been reported elsewhere with high doses of 2 grams or more).

This list is by no means scientifically researched, but it’s compiled through personal accounts of people who have had experience with resveratrol.  Tendinitis pain and numbness which occur at high doses of 2 grams or more in the extremities, seem to be the most common reported side effects, and both diminish over time.

Recently in a July 2010 study, It was shown that 8 human subjects taking 4 grams (4000 mg) daily was well tolerated however at this high dose diarrhea was observed in 6 of the 8 people in the study. Again we ask you to consider only high quality resveratrol with a 98% or 99% purity, if it’s within your budget.

Hopefully, over the next year or so, more medical studies will be done on people, and we’ll be more sure of the pros and cons of resveratrol (and able to make a more informed decision).  It seems, though, that the potential benefits outweigh the risks.

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    Anthony Loera is the President and Founder of RevGenetics. His posts provide information on Telomerase Activators, TA-65, Resveratrol and C60 Olive Oil.