Resveratrol Strengthens Chemotherapy Effects On Cancer

Pancreatic cancer cells are difficult highly resilient and difficult to destroy using chemotherapy. The reason is because the pancreas produces and flushes enzymes into the duodenum. This process also flushes out the chemotherapy chemicals and lowers the overall effect of the treatment.

In a new study, resveratrol is proven to be a potent factor in pancreatic cancer treatment. The study was conducted using pancreatic cancer cells and pre-treating them with resveratrol prior to to iodizing them to simulate chemotherapy.

The study results show an increase in sensitivity to the cancer cells that had been treated with resveratrol. The exact mechanism is not fully understood, however resveratrol lowered the ability of the cancerous cell’s membranes to expel the fluids.

Resveratrol also showed that it damaged the mitochondria of the cancer cells helping to lower their functional capacity, and increased the production of Reeactive Oxygen Species (ROS) that enhanced the pancreatic cancer cells death through apoptosis.

This study published in Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology Journal, provides further data and is inline with interests in how resveratrol provides general cardiovascular benefits and protection against degenerative diseases and anti-aging based on it’s ability to remove the body’s free radicals.

The potent resveratrol ingredient can be taken in red wine, and certain nuts. However many studies use amounts of resveratrol that can only be found in about 500 bottles of red wine, and may not be possible to take normally. Resveratrol supplements that are readily available and easy to use are the convenient option

The different impacts that are just now being researched are being shown to have some very positive effects. In one example, different studies have shown that resveratrol can reduce the influenza virus impact, makes HIV more sensitive to drugs as well as lower the detrimental impacts of a high-fat diet.

A recent study has also found that resveratrol can be a better alternative than Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) because of it has none of the side effects. Many believe that the impact that resveratrol has on pancreatic cancer cells, and makes them more sensitive, shows that the total therapeutic gains and benefits of resveratrol has not yet been revealed.

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